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President's Letter ~ June 2018

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June 29, 2018 Dear Members, After the latest official course opening date that I have observed in my 20 years at the club, I am happy to say farewell to spring and welcome to summer with open arms! With the late opening, slow growth and the need to repair some winter damage on our greens, it was a disappointing start; but as Dean Baker had promised early on, once we get some heat, our course will turn around quickly. Watching our course come alive over these last few weeks, I am thankful he was right!!! Expanding on the above, for the past three seasons, shifts in typical weather patterns have impacted our ability to open the course before the middle of April. Significant one-off events such as 100 kph windstorms, heatwaves and flash flood rainfalls all of which cause havoc on our course, have become an expectation that we need to plan for moving forward. Working closely with our Greens Committee, Dean has begun this process and will be evolving more and more toward a "dynamic maintenance schedule" as opposed to one tied to calendar dates. At the end of my letter, I have attached links to Dean's Turf Bulletin of May 29 th which provides a good example of this. I would also encourage everyone to follow Dean's blog, "Dean on the Green" where you will find a wealth of information on what he is seeing and doing around our course. Two significant windstorms in May uprooted several massive trees on the course and none will be missed more than the iconic White Pine, aka "left goalpost" on hole #10. This loss has generated significant discussion among our members and I am pleased to report that, based on overwhelming member feedback, your Greens Committee has recommended replacing the tree. A 25-foot White Pine that is currently situated on the right side of the 4 th fairway will most likely be transplanted this fall. Thanks go to Dean Baker, Jeff Lockhart and the entire maintenance crew for working so hard to remove all signs of damage from these windstorms. With the strategic tree plantings over the last few days, one would never suspect the devastation we went through. Starting at the end of May, we held 3 Town Hall information sessions focused on the Long-Range Planning projects presented at this year's AGM. Up-to-date information was presented, including projected financials, and members were given the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on all the proposals. Approximately one-fifth of the membership attended at least one of the sessions and a lot of valuable information was obtained for evaluation by our committees and BOD. We are currently in the process of finalizing our recommendations on these projects. We expect to have this accomplished by Labour Day weekend, forwarded to membership in September with a vote planned for early October.

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