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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 19 job of, but it' has to continue to get a little bit better." Q: Kirk Barron mentioned he wanted guys who want to go to the NFL. School is important, obvi- ously, and your athletes are here for the educa- tion, too. But he wants guys who really want to be great players, who strive for the next level. Is that part of it, too? Brohm: "Yes. You want that, whether they broad- cast it or not, (to be) one of their main goals. They have to say the right thing, but you want them to want to be the best at the game of football. Whether they are or don't quite get there, we have more than a handful of guys who have that true dream and they compete that way. Whether it happens or not, we'll see, but, yes, we need to get more guys like that. We want that to be in the minds of more of our players." Q: Is there a position group you feel most com- fortable with going into the season? Brohm: "I feel we have more depth on the O-line. I feel we have more depth, in general, on the offense. At all the positions. There's only one ball, only so many plays, (so) who is going to make the plays? Who can you count on? That still has to be de- termined. "On defense, I feel like we have a lot of guys as well, just a lot of them haven't played. But I think we have the ability to spice up the competition by pulling guys out when they're not getting it done and letting them know this job isn't just yours, you've got to earn it. I think that'll bring the best out of our guys. But there's a lot of guys on defense who haven't played. We have to put them under the lights as much as we can before they get un- der the lights because that's when you really find out. We had a couple guys who had a good spring, (but) when they got in the spring game, they weren't as productive just because it was more of a game setting. So we've got to manufacture that in practice as much as we can, so that they feel it before they get to it, which means we've got to put pressure on them." Q: Which position group concerns you most? Brohm: "D-line is always going to be a concern. We've got to make sure that we've got some playmak- ers there. I think we have bodies. I do. Who's going to be the playmakers? Linebackers, we're thinner. But lot of times you have only two linebackers in there any- way playing nickel. We have plenty of secondary guys now. I think that position can be as good, it just may not be as good in the front seven, so they're going to have to play better to look as good. That would be my concern." Q: How big of a step does this offense need to take, knowing what you lost on defense? Brohm: "I feel like the last three games, we did some good things. We scored some points and made some plays, so that was good to see. It was against Iowa, who had a good defense. Indiana was supposed to be good on defense. Arizona, I did not think was a very good defense. Probably all year long that was the one defense that was not as challenging as the oth- ers. But, at the same time, we made plays and scored points. D i s c o v e r i e s D e t e c t i o n D i a g n o s i s D e f e a t i n g c a n c e r e Purdue center for cancer research is celebrating its 40th year. Using the combined expertise of scientists from disciplines as varied as engineering, veterinary medicine, biology, and chemistry, we promote discovery into how cancers develop, progress, and respond to treatment. Our work leads to the advancement of new medicines, early detection and more effective treatments. aLive BecaUse of researcH. | 765.494.9129 G R E A T M I N D S W I L L C U R E C A N C E R in cancer research.

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