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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 20 "Yeah, we have to get better. It's important to know what you have up front, how long you can protect. You don't want your quarterback to get hit a whole lot. So we'll see where we are there. I'd like to be a little bet- ter up front this year than we were last year. I think we can (be). We have more experience and more guys to rotate in. You can't get too aggressive and do a lot of crazy things unless you feel like it's going to work. While we'll be as aggressive as we can, we want to protect the quarterback. What happened, Elijah (Sin- delar) had a bad knee, and we're like, 'We've got to protect this guy. It doesn't mean we can't try to make plays, but it's going to be simpler where we don't have to move as much, he doesn't have to hold it as much.' He did a good job. So we adjusted there a little bit. At some points, it wasn't as creative as I'd like to be, but we made more plays one-on-one." Q: Taking care of the ball is important at the quarterback position, obviously. But in terms of making the right decisions, the right reads, how did the quarterbacks do? You can tend to run quite a bit of run-pass option plays. Did they make the right calls? Brohm: "We have plenty of that in. We were getting a lot of press cov- erage, man coverage, and that stuff isn't as productive there, because you've got guys right up on you, so you're just going to have to throw it up over the top of them or throw a slant. But the last three games, we got better at taking care of the ball. We did a good job at getting comple- tions, making some plays. I think our guys understand what we're doing. I think we know now vs. tight coverage, up on us, the few things we are good at instead of trying to do too much. I think maybe we were trying to do too much (last season), and it wasn't pro- ductive. We simplified it, and we got a little better." Q: Could a two-quarterback system be your mantra going for- ward? Brohm: "I don't know if it'd be my mantra, but we have two guys who can play, so I'm not going to be afraid to play them both. Do we have to play them both like we did at the beginning of the year? I wouldn't say we have to, but I wouldn't be opposed to it, either. We'll see how close it is during fall camp, where they're at and adjust from there. We'll try to do right by both of them. We'll try to do what helps us win. If it happens to be one and the other is ready to go, if it happens to be both, we won't be scared to it. "But I couldn't tell you right now for sure." Q: It may have worked because of the person- alities of David Blough and Sindelar. How do you keep that same vibe? Brohm: "They both now have game experience in our offense with this team. I think they'll both be ready to play. It'll be interesting to see which one emerges. They both were willing to do what worked last year. It's going to be a tough battle. But it's a problem — but a good problem — to have that we'll figure out. We will do what's right." j From Our Window World Family We Love the Boilermakers! Five Indiana Locations Lafayette • Indianapolis Terre Haute • Muncie • Columbus 765-588-9207

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