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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 37 person. Or defensive guys, too, telling tackle Lorenzo Neal recently he looked like both Bert and Ernie. The kind of guy who says he's desperately wanted to do an offensive linemen calendar, like a beefcake deal. "That's something I think we need to get started," he said, seriously. The kind of guy whose Twitter header photo says "G.O.A.T.," which stands for "Greatest Of All Time." The kind of guy who doesn't mind his head coach messing with him for pulling a "butt muscle" on the first day of camp last season during a walkthrough. "How soft can you be? We had to baby him, make sure he got plenty of butt massages, make it feel better for him," Brohm said with a smile. "But you love his personality. He's fun to be around. Likes to have a good time." The kind of guy who easily launches into a debate about whether a hot dog is a sandwich (yes), whether water is wet (yes), whether a straw has one or two holes (one) — and then declares himself the unques- tioned debate winner. And he wants that fact pub- lished. The kind of guy who will scheme, plan and spend money to create T-shirts each camp to expose team- mates' embarrassing photos by plas- tering them on the front. The first three victims were Evan Panfil, Jake Replogle and Grant Hermanns. The fourth still is being considered. The kind of guy who will post a video on Twitter of him "dunking," without a shirt on, and then resolute- ly insist it was indeed a dunk, despite the ball popping out of the hoop before dropping in. The kind of guy whose laid-back life approach can annoy his parents, Kirk and Susan, especially when it comes to not being able to offer feedback on his academics, which is why Kirk Jude — he isn't a "Jr." — just gave them his password for When they checked his grades last semester, just before he graduated with a de- gree in organizational leadership and supervision, they saw a 3.4 GPA. But he's also the kind of guy, so filled with Purdue pride, who has a train whistle as an alert on his phone. He's also the kind of guy who enjoys celebrating wildly with teammates on the field, trying to be the first to snatch up a skill position guy to lift him toward the skies after a touchdown. He's also the kind of guy who forges bonds so close with friends they still choose him to be part of their team in the video game "Fortnite," even though he's clearly the weak link. "I feel like he almost has the perfect balance," Knox said of Barron's personality, "because that's what makes him such a good leader. It's because he's so fun- ny and fun to be around and people want to be around him but then again, he does everything the right way. "He's a great guy to be around. People tend to gravi- tate toward people with good personalities. He's a per- fect guy for the position he's in." j Warren Hill, PE, ME '63 Jim Hill, MET '95, MBA '03 Jim Billard, LA '90 Brian Teyema, ME '87 Scott Dierking, IM '77 Russ Nelson, BCM '00 David Pikey, PH '97 Rhonda Orange, BS '03, MBA '07 Bill Silfies, MBA '03 Nick Muscolino, MET '06 Bob Hill, BCM '06 Anthony Camasta, MET '04 Deborah Toth, MET '07 Daniel Gasser, BS '04 Jason Jones, MET '08 Nick Johnson, BCM '09 Bryan O'Neill, BCM '09 Steven Sitkowski, BCM '10 Isaac Townsend, ME '10 Don Wunderlich, ME '13 Taylor Spaulding, PE, ME '12 Jessica James, BS '13 Robert C. Krier, MET '13 Joseph Schraffenberger, ME'13 Michael Rish, BCM '13 Brandon Goldstein, ME '14 Jared Schreiber, MET '14 Dan Schmidt, BCM '04 Grant Fillipitch, MET '12 Chaz Usher, BCM '17 Andrew Swibes, ME '15 Chris Spesia, MET '15 Phil Treely, BCM '16 Ryan Kissane, ME '19 Patrick Flanagan, ME '19 Bryan Prechtel, BCM '17 Jack Erdman, BCM '17 80 + YEARS OF BUILDING EXCELLENCE THE HILL GROUP

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