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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 6 61 a large pad behind the trio, and there were times when he just made it to the landing spot. Years later, I caught wind that defensive coordinator Brock Spack was none too pleased with our concept or execution as he was wor- ried about one of his key players. We dodged a bullet, and through it all, the image didn't quite work like Campbell and I wanted. That happens. It may have been a harbinger to the season as that didn't quite go as Tiller and Co. wanted, suffering the first losing cam- paign of the Tiller Era in 2005. Coach Jeff Brohm also has been gracious to do two extended photo shoots for recent covers. His first, we worked to capture his tough side in the "It Starts Now" cov- er. Like Spack years before, Brohm never told me personally wasn't enamored with the image — he is too polite, I guess — but the new coach didn't feel he was ready to show his tough side, having never coached a game at Purdue. I can see that. And he didn't hold it against us, as he participated in the "Drawing Board" cover. In it, Jischke was able to show a glimpse into Brohm's love for football, with the Coach's Mona Lisa smile. Yes, producing the print edition of Gold and Black has al- ways been a challenge. Every issue is a struggle to "land the plane" as we say in the office, to finish the job. And it never ends absolutely how you want it, but through it all, there were so many people that have contributed mightily to make it all work. I am grateful for our staff over the years, especially the cur- rent trio of Brian Neubert, Stacy Clardie and Kyle Charters. Polishing off an issue during the middle of a busy season takes dedication, patience and skill. They all have that. In our transition, Stacy will be moving on to a new opportunity at Purdue and Kyle will start in the family real estate business. We will miss them and thank them for all they have brought to Gold and Black over the years. Our designer, Gary Hoffman, has worked on the print edition of Gold and Black for longer than I have. His ability to construct our magazine under some tight deadlines has been key. Photographer Campbell was great at getting the big play and his love for bing in being in the thick of the action showed. We would be remiss in not thanking the JPC, dating all the way back to the late Dick Walbaum. He saw value in Gold and Black way back then. Nancy Cross has also been such a strong supporter of the value of our publication under athletic director Morgan Burke's watch as have many others in the department. We appreciate that new AD Mike Bobinski and deputy AD Jason Butikofer see the value in Gold and Black Express. With all the initiatives they are pushing, we know it is going to be an exciting next several years. Like Brohm, this duo will not stand still. So, yes, we are entering a new era at Gold and Black. We will continue to work to improve our multi-media and foster a fun and informative environment for the best Purdue In- ternet community out there. We welcome Matt Stevens, who has a decade of experience covering SEC football and is a Midwesterner. He is looking forward to a return to his roots, and we look forward to working with him. I remembering being asked at a Boilers Inc. shareholders meeting (back when we had shareholders) around the turn of the century about how long our magazine would last in the world of the Internet. I said we would be lucky to be deliver- ing our news in printed form much more than a decade. We lasted nearly two. Good things are ahead, but it is also time to pay our re- spects to our past. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve, and continue to serve all of our subscribers, and we appreciate all of your support. We simply couldn't make it without you. j

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