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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • August 2018 • 25 the diner is forewarned and prepared for what's to come. So how is that like effective voice- mail? With voicemail, you should avoid run-on sentences with highbrow words when shorter, simpler, everyday language will work just as well. When you don't "overcook" the message, you preserve its value and generate an increased interest in learning more. If you have to deliver "spicy" news or get someone "hot" about doing something, serve it up with care and some warning. While it's true that a relatively short time after consuming an Asian meal one could experience renewed hunger pangs, that phenomenon is a good thing if your customers are hungry for more of what you're serving up. Quick Tips for Voicemail Excellence Here are some final thoughts that should further raise your voicemail response rate: • Consider the right medium for your message. If you have more information than can fit in a 30-second message, hit the highlights in a voicemail and refer the other party to a forthcoming email that will contain the details. By leaving the voicemail to instruct the receiver to check their email, you are still taking advantage of adding the proper tone to your message. • Rehearse your voicemail message by sending it to yourself first. Most people rush their speech while leaving a voice- mail. Talking uncharacteristically fast tends to cause the listener to mistrust or doubt the validity of the message. When you send yourself a practice voicemail, you give your mind and vocal chords a chance to warm up. • Be persistent, but don't become a pest. The National Sales Executive Association conducted a study on how many attempts at contact it took to earn a sale. Only 20 percent of all sales were made within the first four contact attempts. Eighty percent were made on the fifth through the 12th tries. Vary the time of day and the day of the week when trying to hook up with a targeted prospect. • For longer messages, conclude your message (even if you've led with it) with your name, phone number and appre- ciation, in advance, for a return call. On the outside chance that the receiver did not have a pen and paper handy at the beginning of the voicemail or if he fast- forwarded to the end of the message, at least your final words will sum up your contact information. Try something like this: "I look forward to your return call. Please call me at (pause) area code 7-7-0 (pause) 3-2-9-5-1-0-7 at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Gordon." Good luck! SDG The most common misuse of voicemail involves trying to do too much with one message. When precision and excellence matter... Magnum Magnetics ® is the largest manufacturer of fl exible magnets in the United States, including printable magnetic sheeting and magnetic rolls, magnetic strip, and extruded magnets. For nearly three decades, we have manufactured fl exible magnets for a variety of applications and in- dustries, including commercial printing, wide-format signage and graphics, engineering/OEM, retail craft and offi ce products, and more. Our fl exible magnets are made in the U.S.A. and can be seen all over the world! Learn More About Our Premiere Printable Magnets | 800.258.0991 Proud to be part of we put you in the driver's seat. 18-MAG-Sign&DigitalGraphicsAd-AUG-2018-vf.indd 1 6/29/2018 1:15:11 PM

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