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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • August 2018 • 35 free cloth. Aqueous printheads can be cleaned with distilled water." Stone agrees that cap tops are often overlooked when performing mainte- nance. The cap tops are rubber boots that seal the printheads and help keep them from drying out and clogging. Using the proper cleaning solution on your cap tops keeps the rubber from dry- ing out which can prevent them from properly sealing with your printheads. Many printer manufacturers recommend replacing your cap tops periodically. He adds that wipers are another part on printers that often get overlooked. "These should be cleaned as part of your maintenance schedule and replaced when worn out. Also check the area around your wiper or wipers. Many times ink buildup around wipers, especially on the rails they ride on, can cause issues with your printer. If your wipers don't move like they are supposed to, the printer will give you an error code and you will have to pay for a service call." Keep the Environment Consistent Stone says that shops also need to keep the printing environment consistent. "If you have drastic changes in temperature and humidity you will see inconsistency in your prints in color and image qual- ity. Humidity is very important for your printer. I live in Utah, which is a desert with very low humidity. Because of this we see a lot of issues with static. Static can cause the ink to do weird things and if static gets too bad you can fry the printer's electronics, which can be costly to repair." It's also important to properly clean and maintain the wipers on your printer. Roland inkjets display a visual message to alert the user when a wiper needs to be replaced. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) With eco-solvent printers that offer white inks—such as the Roland VersaUV LEF series flatbed—removing the white ink cartridge, shaking it, and returning the cartridges to its slot at least once a day is a good practice that helps prevent settling. (Image courtesy of Roland DGA) The new Mutoh UV PJ 2508UF flatbed uses a totally different printing process than other Mutoh units—it's best to refer to your specific machine's manual for the proper maintenance procedures. (Image courtesy of Mutoh America)

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