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C M Y CM MY CY CMY K PORTSMOUTH BATH COMPANY S A L E S S H O W R O O M Bath & Kitchen Product Specialists: Thoughtful Suggestions Knowledgeable Product Assistance Quality Products | Refreshing Ideas Independent, Local Small Business: 100 West Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801 ph: 603.436.1401 | fax: 603.431.3958 (a division of Standard of New England, LLC) trend was inspired by a superb exhibition in 1993 at the Smithsonian Institution's Renwick Gallery of the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C., About 90 percent of the 80 displayed pieces were made by the Wakefield Rattan Company or Heywood Broth- ers & Wakefield Company. Of course, there have been additions and variations on Wakefield's original styles over the years. Originally wicker capitalized on warm, natural wood hues, but along the way green and white paint were layered on, lending a sprightly feel to the textured reeds. An open- weave alternative to the closely woven—and costly— styles came to be known as Bar Harbor wicker after the popular Maine resort town. Wicker techniques are still taught in arts and crafts classes to keep the traditional craft alive. But new tech- nologies use synthetic resin in place of organic reeds, making the popular Mission style, with its emphasis on single horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels, rea- sonably affordable. In 2015, a rounded wicker was intro- duced with portly proportions in a whimsical variation. Still, those lucky enough to own authentic wicker pieces cherish them as heirlooms. Bertrand says, "The enormous breadth of design and function of wicker in Cyrus Wakefield's time still adds to its universal appeal today. With the Industrial Revolution, life for many was getting a little easier, so there was more leisure time. People wanted to take advantage of the outdoors. Heywood Brothers & Wakefield Company came along at the perfect time. Cyrus Wakefield was lucky." Something about wicker's delicate intricacy, airy charm, whimsy, and durability, coupled with its fabulous history, eventually attracted renewed appreciation.

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