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44 SUMMER 2018 tastemaker bros. & construction peabody 978.535.1227 living areas where clients' expectations. COMAK BROS. LANDSCAPE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION 978.535.1227 | 40 y e a r s celebrating is a strong preference of Haydel and his staff. "I like to start with blue," he says. "It's a vast array of color." The color adds spark throughout the living room, appearing in the carpet, the swivel chairs, and the blueberry blue coffee table. (The minute the coffee table was placed, Haydel says, the youngest child jumped on it.) A rich navy blue appears in the foyer and is carried into the dining room, including being present in a striking modern ab- stract painting. When a guest is perched on the living room sofa, pastel blue can be glimpsed on the wall treatment in the office. In the dining room, a dome shape that the homeowners love is reflected in the wallpaper featuring gold circles as well as in the circular dining table and pendant light fixture above it. Through it all, shades of blue draw the eye. "Blue for me is a neutral color," says the Louisiana-born designer. "It can become an anchor, in essence grounding your relationship to the space." He explores extraordinary shades of blue and other colors in a custom collec- tion of rugs he designed for Dover Rug & Home. He will introduce a new collection, Naturals by Eric Haydel, this summer. Haydel's innate sense of how people relate to their own unique space has taken him well beyond his design practice and onto community-minded paths. As a board member of Friends of Fort Point Channel, he advocates for the area between South Boston and downtown, where he lives. Also as a sideline labor of love, Haydel specializes in liturgical space design, and practices his tal- ent at the Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola at Boston College. "It's my own journey," he says, "my gift to give back." The office is a mix of hues and textures that create a comfortable space.

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