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62 SUMMER 2018 "S AVE THE WINDOWS" IS AMESBURY-BASED ALISON Hardy's clear message. Some might call Alison Hardy a stubborn traditionalist. After all, it was a fondness for older homes that moved Alison and Rob Hardy to buy an 1860s Victorian back in 1998. But then happily ever after was slightly hampered during the repair process, because the windows were in dire straits and Alison refused to take the new-window route. The charm of the original glass and hardware was part of the package as far as Hardy was concerned. Even before fenestration frustrations became larger than life, the new option just didn't mesh with Hardy's sensibilities— or her Yankee love affair with frugality. In fact, the thought of tossing out important historic artifacts went against every fiber in her DNA. "I'm all about re-use." So Hardy then embarked on a research tangent prob- ing renovation resources, and she came up with slim possibilities. "So I sat down and said, 'How hard can this be?'" Hardy recalls of her first tentative venture into window restoration. "When I put my common sense hat on and studied how it all came together, I learned how it all could come apart." She didn't know it at the time, crafts Hardy's husband is a hobby furniture maker and had a workshop with most of the right equipment ready and waiting.

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