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SS_V0919 INTRODUCTION This nation is in a current state of change when it comes to healthcare and its delivery. Systematically there continues to be a lack of transparency and focus on patient outcomes. There is a provider supply-demand inequity. Chronic disease prevalence continues to rise, contributing to skyrocketing pharmaceutical cost and affecting overall employee wellbeing. As if this isn't enough, employee mindsets and preferences are changing while disruption innately forces employers to strategically think about next steps in cost control. OneDigital experts created this solutions playbook to explore the current complexities HR teams are facing, dig into what is driving change, and highlight the OneDigital solutions employers can leverage to help mitigate cost while still fostering a positive experience for their employees. Get peace of mind knowing that our experts are here to support you as you educate, inform and empower your clients to build an exceptional workplace for their employees with OneDigital. Enclosed are nine key areas that are driving employers to take the next step in cost control. It also includes a fresh thinking approach to answering large employers' questions on how to strategically combat these factors. CONTENTS Human Resources 3 HR Solved SM 14 HR Technology (Zenefits) 20 Health & Wellbeing 26 National Partnerships: Grand Rounds 33 National Partnerships: Health Designs 37 National Partnerships: Total Brain 42 Analytics 49 National Partnerships: Springbuk 51 National Partnerships: Zywave 55 Communications 59 National Partnerships: Jellyvision 60 Pharmacy 64 Captives 76 Global Benefits 87 Private Equity Mergers & Acquisitions 95

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