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August 2018/IGSA

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 27 Potato Grading, Weighing, Bagging Ag-Pak, Inc. designs, builds, and integrates complete potato packing lines using the best equipment serviced by our expert service techs. Carton Fillers · Conveyors · Master Balers · �p�cal Graders/Sorters Palle�zers · Pouch Baggers · Ver�cal Form, Fill & Seal Baggers Weighers · Wicketed Baggers · 3D CAD System Design and Layout Celox P-UHD Optical Potato Sorting Machine by NEWTEC - Automatic sizing and sorting for all potato varieties - Up to 13 outlets - Service and Parts from Ag-Pak technicians (716) 772-2651 - www.agpak.com Potato Packaging Equipment Since 1963 1958-4Ag-Pak13s.indd 1 6/21/18 8:10 AM ...we have been giving you the highest level of service in storing healthier potatoes. POST HARVEST. IT'S OUR SPECIALTY. Twin Falls, ID: 208.733.7000 Blackfoot, ID: 208.785.7000 Warden, WA: 509.349.7000 1958-17AgriStore13s.indd 1 7/2/18 2:42 PM percent higher on average. Soil Activator creates vigorous plants and higher yields, with reduced fertilizer and water use, ultimately lowering production costs. TRIAL RESULTS The blend of naturally occurring micro- organisms in Soil Activator has garnered worldwide recognition and is proven to boost yields of dozens of crops, increasing profitability for growers. Neufeld says Earth Alive has received great feedback from growers with potatoes, where plants were observed to be greener and more vigorous, with more extensive root systems. Pre-harvest samples showed that treated potato plants produced about 30 percent more potatoes by weight than the untreated plants. The treated plants also showed fewer undeveloped tubers—representing additional income for the grower that the control plants did not generate. At harvest, the treated plot generated a 39 percent higher yield than the control plot, and 10 percent more high- grade tubers. "Soil Activator is an effective, consistent and high-quality product that puts functional biology right in the root zone, ensuring that potato roots are surrounded by beneficial microbial activity throughout the growing season," says Neufeld. "Growers need to think about how their production methods support or inhibit biological activity in the root zone of their plants. Intensively managed growing systems have to optimize not just the physical and chemical environments for the plants, but also the biological environment." Additionally, many growers want to contribute positively to the ecological health of their farms, and certified organic acres are increasing steadily from year to year. Soil Activator is OMRI-listed for organic use, containing no genetically modified organisms or synthetic chemicals. It can also be used in conventional growing, allowing the grower to use less fertilizer to gain the same or better results. Ultimately, through trials and tests, soil probiotics have proven to produce more vigorous growth and higher yields, resulting in more sustainable agricultural practices and increased profitability for growers. To learn more about Earth Alive and its Soil Activator product, visit www.earthalivect.com.

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