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JUL-AUG 2018 SPECIAL FEATURE TAIWAN GOES MEGA FOR MICE BIG ON INFRASTRUCTURE One of the biggest international events in 2018 is the Taichung World Flora Exposition, which is expected to welcome over 200,000 visitors from November 2018 to April 2019. In order to facilitate transport and ease of access for visitors, the city's mayor Lin Chia-Lung petitioned the government to build new walkways and exits to Houli train station, where most visitors will disembark for the expo. STRONG LOCAL COLLABORATION The support and involvement of local businesses and residents is most evident in Kaohsiung, where the growing number of MICE-related businesses is keeping pace with infrastructural upgrades like the Asia New Bay Area. The Kaohsiung MICE Alliance, for example, has grown to over 170 members since 2015. For the 2018 Global Harbor Cities Forum set to take place in September 2018, the city's young MICE talents will be involved in tasks such as translation, reception, and orientation for delegates arriving from over 30 different global cities. CREATING BUZZ New events in under-the-radar destinations require great effort to generate interest and high attendee numbers. And Penghu has Mega events demand the highest levels of coordination, communication, and fl exibility between multiple stakeholders, from organizers to convention bureaus to vendors. Taiwan's ability to pull off such large- scale international events is evident from the many bids it has won in recent years , and planners can draw valuable insight from their success. succeeded with the Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) World Congress & Carnival. While the event is set to draw over 1,000 foreign visitors to Penghu from September to October 2018, the Penghu county government has added more oomph with additional events such as an international yachting expo, a seafood festival, and an Ironman triathlon. By opening avenues to collaborate with other public or corporate events, you can ensure a stronger turnout for your mega- event. At the Taiwan International Balloon Festival which takes places every year from June to August, MEET TAIWAN introduced a corporate programme for MICE and incentive groups to enjoy breathtaking views of the Luye Gaotai (Luye plateau) from hot air balloons of their choice. Such unique activities make it unforgettable for groups. MEETINGS & CONVENTIONS MCMAG-ASIA.COM 13 Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program Organised by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA Taiwan External Trade Development Council Ad. by Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA

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