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14 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 I guess you should always beware when you meet a woman at a bar in Las Vegas, because you never know what it might lead to. In the case of Doni Langdon, it has led to a good friendship and a bit of mentoring that I am always pleased to do. It turns out Langdon is an industry powerhouse producing a printed maga- zine, DIY videos on YouTube, a clothing line and, most importantly, an educa- tion program all promoted through a strong social media presence under the Throttle Gals banner. It started in 2010 when Langdon and her best friend Trish Horstman saw a need to educate girls and women about things mechanical. (It's not just women who need this training, of course—we have whole generations of people who can barely change a lightbulb, let alone a tire.) Some ask, "What's the need?" But there's a huge need to know whether the mechanic is ripping you off when he tells you the muffler bearing needs changing or how to not panic but merely check the oil when the dash light comes on. Or, how to prepare for a long road trip when you take your kid Throttle Gals Meet the Organization offers training, magazine for those interested in car culture. By Tony Thacker Doni Langdon is an industry powerhouse producing a printed magazine, DIY videos, a clothing line and education programs under the Throttle Gals banner.

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