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SEPTEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 15 to college. It might be common sense, but common sense is not common. MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE, LESS VULNERABLE It was in recognizing these needs that Langdon and Horstman launched Throttle Gals in an effort to provide women with helpful information that might make them more knowledgeable and thus less vulner- able. The inaugural issue of Throttle Gals was published in January 2010 and contained such editorial gems as Tire Change, Metal Work and even motorcycle tech. The publication was reformatted in 2011 into a small magazine. Throttle Gals, which is now up to issue number 26, remains limited-distribution subscription-based, which is to say you can't buy it at the local store. But you can buy it online, through and at select merchants such as Decker Auto Parts in Utica, Michigan. Over the years the content has evolved to be a little more four- than two-wheel centric, but the editorial mix remains the Trish Horstman. is The Other Head Chick in Charge. Admission to Detroit Autorama included entry into a Throttle Gals car tech seminar and a chance to talk shop with the team.

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