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20 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 HAUL IT ALL educating customers on how to properly use the products. "It would be great for dealers to bring customers back to their shop year after year to service, maintain and inspect the products," he says. "We also see the need to provide the customer with the included installation instructions, which typically explain how to use the product and note maintenance recommendations and war- ranty information." Air Lift's Feyer believes that many shops often miss cross-selling opportunities. "For example, if a consumer is buying a traditional hitch receiver, do they also need wiring or trailer braking equipment," he asks. "If they are purchasing a fifth wheel receiver, do they need air helper springs or a louvered tailgate? Good shops are lever- aging the cross-sell to make the most of every opportunity, but I think many shops are still missing out." CURT Group's Jevanord says shops can avoid this by offering complete towing packages when installing a hitch. "There are many options an installer can provide to the customer, ensuring they leave the shop ready to tow," he notes. And PullRite's Later recommends steering customers away from price-shopping if they want something that will last. "Customers tend to gravitate to the cheapest products that often are not prop- erly tested and vetted," he says. "At PullRite, we test every item to SAE J2638 standards and mark every item with weight ratings established by these exhaustive tests." SALES ARE UP Hand in hand with common mistakes comes tips for shops to increase sales of towing-related products and services. "Remember all of the cross-sell opportu- nities," Jevanord says. "When purchasing a trailer hitch, you also need a few accessories like locks, trailer ball, hitch pin and ball mount to complete the setup. It can be easy to overlook, but providing a comprehen- sive solution ensures that your customers TOWING & HAULING PRODUCTS Suppliers highlight the features and benefits of their top-sellers and new offerings: "The newly launched Spectrum brake control includes a dash-mounted user inter- face that integrates with the vehicle's existing controls for an OEM look and feel, a main computer control that can be discretely mounted out of sight, and two installation methods including through-dash or adhesive mounting." Eric Jevanord CURT Group "Air Lift just released our completely redesigned on-board air compressor system called WirelessOne. The system allows you to inflate and deflate your air springs with the touch of a button using the wireless controller or our free mobile app. The system is a super-easy install, especially when purchased with our EZ Mount bracket where we preassemble and factory-test all of the vehicle-installed compo- nents on a steel bracket. All you do is take it out of the box and attach it to the vehicle's frame using a U-bolt or self-threading screws and run positive/negative wires directly to the battery. The WirelessOne system is also one of our most economically priced systems." Ryan Feyer Air Lift "We recently launched a very exciting electrical product called the Tekonsha ZCI. ZCI stands for Zero Contact Interface and it is an electrical converter module that converts the vehicle wire signals to trailer signals. It doesn't require cutting or splicing into the vehicle's wire harness or a unique connector to work with each vehicle application. Also, we recently launched a new fifth wheel called the REESE M5, and have added some features to our already innovative Goose Box from REESE that offers an even smoother ride in a goose ball connection and frees up truck bed space." Fred Brickley Horizon Global "The SuperGlide is the original and still most popular short-bed hitch, providing the consumer with automatic adjustment and worry-free towing. The new Super- Lite line of fixed base hitches brings a U.S.-built, quality steel-constructed, light- weight, easy-to-use-and-operate hitch to the category. SuperLite can be installed on any OE, gooseneck or fifth wheel platform and with its available offset, creates a tighter turning radius for all trucks regardless of bed length." Scott Later PullRite Towing Systems PullRite's SuperGlide offers a "short-bed solution" for towing a fifth wheel or goose- neck trailer. (Photo courtesy PullRite Towing Systems) The Goose Box from REESE offers a smooth ride in a goose ball connec- tion and frees up truck bed space. (Photo courtesy Horizon Global)

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