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26 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 By Josh Poulson M any shops are looking for ways to increase their business. I know there are times when I would like to have filler work when times are slow. In many of our shops, you are either too busy or not busy enough and that can cause issues with employee morale and, of course, the bottom line. One thing that we started doing is reaching out to our current customers and trying to broaden our scope of work. Approximately 80 percent of our busi- ness comes from car dealers and this can at times cap a shop because, even if you do business with all of them, there seems to be a ceiling as far as how much work they need you to do. Also, manufacturers are not adding a bunch of new dealerships for us to get new customers, and some dealerships don't see accessorizing as an option or only do in-house programs. All these issues seem to erase any growth potential, but sometimes thinking outside the box or past our current outreaches will show that is not the case. GET MORE One good opportunity to add business is reaching out to your current customers and expanding their knowledge of what all you really can do. Even your good customers may only see you as the wheel guy or the leather guy or the tint guy. So, first and foremost, make sure that all your customers—even your longtime, best customers—know all of your product offer- ings. Do they know all the things you are able to do? You may be shocked to discover that many of your clients don't know that you do as many things as you do. So, start by refreshing customers on the services you offer and politely find out which ones you are not being used for, then get creative to turn that busi- ness over to you instead of your com- petitors. A second opportunity involves the departments at car dealerships that you may not be working with now. Most shops are very familiar with the new and used car Get More from Your Dealership Remember to market all your offerings to every department. A good way to add business at your shop is to expand the work you do for existing customers. You can be more than just the "leather guy" or the "tint guy." Customers Make sure the sales, service and BDC departments know about your products and services, and how you can help them increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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