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28 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 departments, but don't really spend time with other parts of the dealership. For instance, how many customers are having their vehicles serviced at the dealership and would possibly be inter- ested in adding some accessories such as remote start, window tint or even larger, more customized accessories? The service department is a great place to show off your services. Look to create a partnership with the service manager and see if this is a way to gain some additional sales. The body shop is another department where your services could come in handy for jobs that they are not used to. If you are in the repair business such as repairing sun- roofs, or wheels, or interior repairs, make sure the body shop knows it can call you when something arises that it can't handle. We many times get calls for graphics that need redone or to tint replacement win- dows or even on other 12-volt products that need repaired. These jobs can be very good because there usually isn't a huge rush to get them done and they are often insurance jobs, so you can usually name your price. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT The BDC (business development center) department is another part of the dealer- ship that many shops forget about. This department usually consists of a team that is constantly communicating with cus- tomers to get them in for appointments to either purchase a vehicle or have it ser- viced. Arming these individuals with knowledge that could help get more customers in the door can be invaluable to them and you. For instance, a customer may be won- dering how much a new vehicle costs with certain features. The BDC department is careful not to over-promise and under- deliver, but it many times doesn't have the same information that can assist customers the way the new car department does. An example is something as easy as the customer prefers leather and heated seats in a black vehicle. A knowledgeable BDC department that has been trained by you would know that you could install leather and heated seats on every black vehicle on the lot. So, now they may be able to tell the customer they have 10 of those vehicles in stock to look at instead of just the two that happen to have those features currently in them from the factory. GROUP THINK One last department you can't overlook is the fleet department. For some dealerships, this could be just one or two people who focus on commercial accounts, while others have a whole team of individuals focused on fleet accounts. Your offerings may change to fit the needs of this department but the success can still be there. For instance, over the years, back-up cameras were not standard on all vehicles and this included commercial vans and trucks. Having a relationship with fleet departments can easily lead to additional sales that again can help them sell more of their stock inventory. The fleet departments also like additional products such as racks and bins, spray- on liners, 12-volt safety products, GPS tracking, etc. When you at times sit back and wonder where new business might come from, don't forget to talk about doing more with the customers you already have. JOSH POULSON is the principal of Auto Additions in Columbus, Ohio, which was named Restyler of the Year, 2012-'13. Auto Additions offers a com- plete line of product upgrades, including 12-volt and appear- ance packages with a specific focus on the dealership segment. Josh currently serves on the SEMA PRO council and was named 2015- '16 Person of the Year at the 2015 SEMA Show. Building a relationship with fleet departments can lead to additional sales of many items, from 12-volt accessories, to racks and bins, to spray-on liners. Get More from Your Dealership Customers

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