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SEPTEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 37 their car on your Instagram feed. Hand them a business card with your social media info and tell them to keep a lookout for their vehicle when you post it. This way they will want to see their vehicle featured and will most likely follow you, and will likely share it as well. Speaking of sharing, also turn on "share on Facebook" so that your keywords and hashtags will direct followers to you on Facebook as well. On a side note, when you post from Ins- tagram to Facebook, the Facebook post will announce you posted from Instagram. This lets the audience know you have an active Instagram account, which hopefully they'll click and follow. WORKING IN LAYERS Our company, Top Coverage, has served as a car dealership installation facility for more than 40 years, adding an extra challenge when setting up a social platform. This is where shops need to get creative in their marketplace. If you have another layer added to the mix and aren't completely retail-based, you need to think about how you can work with that layer as a benefit. It's essential to include the layer, which for my company's situation is our loyal dealerships. Therefore, we decided to speak to the public through our dealers as the dealership's custom design team and refer inquiries to them when potential customers ask where they can buy the limited-edition designs featured in our posts. Our dealerships appreciate the free addi- tional advertising, while at the same time we're creating awareness for the average customer looking to buy a car in our mar- ketplace. For most retail shops, you have the power to work directly with your customers, so you don't have to take into account a third party selling your products. Our company, on the other hand, works almost solely with dealerships, so we add that layer when we post. An example would be finishing up a showroom design for a new car dealer. Instead of telling the customer to buy the design directly from us, we consider our dealer and tell them if they want more info on the design, they can call the dealership in the post. In some cases, the potential customer sees something cool from a page and asks the dealer if it works with Top Coverage, seeking a quote on the product. Having a customer walk into a dealership requesting your company's work may get you in the door of a dealership you seldom work with. We had a customer go into a Honda deal- ership, pull up our page and ask if they could add the same interior that another Honda dealership had us install. The cus- tomer knew it was available from seeing our pictures and may have bought the factory basic design had they not viewed another possibility. The customer also asked if we would post their vehicle, which we did. TAKE A PICTURE When building a quality platform for your local area, Instagram your customers' Is your shop doing something newsworthy? Be sure to let your followers know. THE IRON CROSS AUTOMOTIVE HD STEP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN A MATTE BLACK FINISH! Our HD step was the first of its kind on the market. It is now available with a textured matte black finish and black step pads. Be one of the first to deck your truck out in our new Matte Black HD step today! BETTER BEST THE JUST GOT

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