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38 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 38 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 vehicles. Customers want to show off their custom designs and appreciate it when you post their vehicles, whether retail or through your layer we discussed earlier. As you get ready to upload your first pic- ture, it's important to utilize hashtags so you show up in searches. If you specialize in one product, develop your personal hashtag as well as all the other hashtags relating to your product. Ultimately, you want other people to use your hashtag as well as see your hashtag pair up with other similar products. Or, better yet, your location shows up, directing the customer to you. Instagram is simple enough that you only need to plug-in your information and key- words at the top while setting up the app. From your keywords, you already appear to users. When you set up your account, search hashtags and get a feel for which keywords to use in your posts. What content you choose to publicize in your market is critical. Remember, people don't go on Instagram to read; they want images. Keeping your audience engaged with pictures and not drowning them with the same repetitive photos over and over is critical. A person scrolling through their Insta- gram feed will quickly unfollow your page if you're not maintaining your individu- ality. How you present your products is impor- tant. If you only sell remote starters, for example, post a video of someone starting their vehicle through a window, pro- viding evidence of your product's success. On another day, show the guys installing remote starts, as introducing your hard- working staff adds personality. Show unique shots throughout your shop Beauty shots of accessorized vehicles are always a great way to grab the attention of car lovers in your area. Who can resist a classic shop dog post? FIND THEM ON Instagram

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