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SEPTEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 39 on some days, but no matter what, do not post a picture of a remote start with a price. If you must, do it when you're running a big promotion and limit it to one post and only after you have built an audience. You want your audience to decide why your business is better than the other guy's, not force it on them. A nice feature to keep in mind is you can link it within seconds to your Facebook business page. On busy days, take a quick picture, post it on Instagram and auto- matically link it to your Facebook business page. Within a minute you'll reach two audiences at the same time—or even more if you happen to have a Twitter or Tumblr account. #goodluck COURTNEY LEIGH PAHLKE and her brother are second- generation partners of their father's 43-year-old company, Top Coverage. Their locations service nearly 350 dealerships in Chicago and throughout Illinois, where they work hard to grow their father's empire. Learn more at Vary the types of images you post so that your feed doesn't grow boring or stale. • STYLISH WHEEL-TO-WHEEL (W2W) LENGTH STEP BARS • MODULAR DESIGN SAVES YOU MONEY ON SHIPPING • INCLUDES THIRD STEP FOR EASY TRUCK BED ACCESS • INJECTION MOLDED POLYMER STEP PAD & BRACKET COVERS • 5" WIDE STEP AREA • ROCKER PANEL MOUNTED • MOUNT KIT INCLUDED WESTINAUTOMOTIVE.COM (800) 345-8476 | #WESTINAUTOMOTIVE MODULAR WHEEL-TO-WHEEL NERF STEP BARS S A V E O N S H I P P I N G NO T R U C K F R E I G H T C H A R G E S Westin_R5_The-Shop_7.125 x4.875.indd 1 7/12/18 2:47 PM

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