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42 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2018 When the customer chooses a two-way system, the key fobs are typically upgraded to LCD so confirmation data can be dis- played right on the remote control. For example, the CrimeStopper SP-302 system includes two remotes: a two-way LCD transmitter with 3,000 feet of range, and a five-button companion transmitter with 2,000 feet of range. This appeals to customers who have an office far away from their vehicle, and northern-climate train commuters who can have their vehicle warming up as their train pulls into the station. The two-way remotes offer easy-to- understand icons for the different com- mands and trigger alerts. If the system has an alarm trigger it will send it to the remote, and the remote will beep and vibrate to alert the customer of a triggered event. The LCD screen will also turn red if there is a triggered event from the system. The remote can be placed in silent mode, vibrating when alerting of a possible intrusion. SMARTPHONE INTEGRATION & TRACKING One- and two-way security systems work well, but what if we could get rid of the key or key fob altogether? As we get more mainstream ride-sharing services, compa- nies are also looking to get rid of the key altogether. Thanks to Bluetooth LE (low energy) technology, it is possible to not be tethered to a key. With VOXX Electronics, UniKey Technologies and the new e-fob Bluetooth passive entry system, drivers can use smart- phones as vehicle key fobs instead. This opens up a lot of possibilities for rental car agencies, fleet operators and car- lending apps. As of now, the technology is destined for OEMs, but aftermarket oppor- tunities will be here in the near future. "The relationship with UniKey allows VOXX Automotive to further accelerate our drive to eliminate the need for consumers to carry their car keys or fobs. More impor- tantly, it represents yet another way VOXX allows OEMs to differentiate themselves from other marques in the global auto- motive market," says Michael Schroeder, VOXX Automotive's SVP of OEM sales and business development. "In UniKey, we have a partner who shares our e-fob phone-as-a-key vision. Our vision is to let consumers effortlessly access their homes, offices and automobiles, while increasing security, visibility and control." Motorcycle Security TC Holliday is the operations director of Nu Image Audio in Salina, Kansas. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, customers with bikes flock to his store for audio upgrades. He also offers security systems to let riders know when their bikes aren't in Kansas anymore. Holliday prefers the Compustar Drone GPS Tracker as a perfect complement to his motorcycle installations. "Motorcycles can be picked up with a truck and easily stolen," he explains. "So, we like to take our level of security to the next level with GPS tracking. We make sure to camouflage the wiring so no one will know there is a tracker on the motorcycle." This can be challenging on exposed bikes without fairings. But the extra installation time is valued by customers wanting to protect their pride and joy, Holliday notes. "Our installation standards are the highest in the industry. You won't find T-Taps and ScotchLoks in our install bay, because we solder all of our connec- tions. All of our wiring harnesses are properly loomed and securely mounted in place to the same standards as those of vehicle manufacturers." This attention to detail ensures constant monitoring for the owner's ultimate peace of mind. No one wants to get a text saying their Harley is being tampered with. But, then again, it's better to know right away. Nu Image Audio in Salina, Kansas installs GPS tracking systems on motorcycles. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Safety First \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The CrimeStopper SP-302 system includes two remotes: a two-way LCD transmitter with 3,000 feet of range, and a five- button companion transmitter with 2,000 feet of range. (Photo cour- tesy CrimeStopper)

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