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SEPTEMBER 2018 THE SHOP 51 and retain a smooth, comfortable ride qual- ity—a rarity in the aftermarket. "And more often than not, when some- body's going to that level of performance shock, they're interested in extracting the most out of their car, so they'll hire us to come out to the track and set the car up," he adds. YOUNG BLOOD All in their late 20s or 30s, the AR Auto Service team is typically one of the younger groups at the track, and they're happy to help introduce newer generations to the industry. The shop has worked with Lake Oswego High School to host a summer internship program for teens interested in automotive service. Interns learn basic processes, help with clean up and loading for track events, and even have the opportunity to receive instruction on how to drive manual cars and attend track days. Sarukhanyan says social media websites like Instagram and Facebook that allow enthusiasts to share photos and videos, and the rise of grassroots drifting in the Pacific Northwest have also helped attract younger crowds to the sport. "The reason it's popular is because it's not a timed, quantifiable thing, but it's about style, making smoke, going sideways, and hanging out with your buddies," he says of drifting. Since the careers of so many performance industry professionals stem from a love for the track—including Sarukhanyan's— there's no doubt that AR Auto Service's hard work will continue to inspire fresh faces to pursue their high-speed passions. One of the shop's standout builds is a full refresh and modification on a mid-1980s Porsche 911, which the shop exhibited at the 2018 Portland Auto Show.

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