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Leafi eld Environmental Timberplay Replay Maintenance A colourful solution to a rubbish problem Page 14 The rise of the concrete solution Page 15 Showing why surface matters are vital Page 15 The Association of Play Industries attended the launch of the 'Mental Health in Childhood' report at the APPG on a Fit & Healthy Childhood at Westminster. The All-Party Group was formed to fi nd ways to improve children's health and wellbeing and is calling for a positive approach to the Government's Child Mental Health proposals. Publishing this its 10th report. Mental Health in Childhood, the APPG is championing early intervention rather than relying upon expensive later-stage crisis services. API Chair Mark Hardy, says: "As the UK association which champions the importance of play in children's healthy development, we very much welcome the Group's call for a Secretary of State for Children. "As a nation we face an unprecedented increase in children and young people A coalition of national organisations has come together to call on political leaders to save the UK's parks. The Charter for Parks, calls on Prime Minister Theresa May and First Ministers Nicola Sturgeon, Carwyn Jones and Arlene Foster, to reverse the decline of local parks across their nations. The Charter calls on the UK's four political leaders to: • Endorse a legal duty for all public green space to be managed to a good standard. • Ensure adequate long- term resources for ongoing maintenance, management and improvements. • Recognise the right of every citizen to have access within walking distance to a good quality public green space. • Celebrate the central role well-run parks play The FSPA's close links with UK government, particularly the Department for International Trade (DIT), mean that they are uniquely placed to lobby on behalf of the sports and play industry as a whole. As one of Europe's largest trade bodies, they work closely with their trade association c o u n t e r p a r t s o v e r s e a s , particularly FESI – the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry. Coalition pressures Government on parks and play areas FSPA lobbies on Brexit suffering from mental health problems, from anxiety to depression, and these issues are very often precursors for mental health diffi culties in adult life. "Our own research has uncovered an alarming decline in playgrounds and spaces in which children can play freely. As more in our neighbourhoods for all sections of our communities. • Embed effective protection f r o m i n a p p r o p r i a t e development or use, or loss of any part of our parks. • Encourage and enable community involvement and empowerment of local people and park users. The coalition of organisations behind this charter include ourselves, along with Greenspace Scotland, Fields in Trust, Friends of the Earth, Llais y Goedwig (the voice of community woodlands in Wales), The National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces, The Parks Alliance, The Parks Agency, The Gardens Trust, Unison, and 38 Degrees. Allison Ogden-Newton, Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy said: "As the operators of the Brexit represents a time of enormous change and uncertainty, with issues around the movement of workers, trade tariffs and standards and regulations having the potential to impact UK businesses. The FSPA is consulting with its members, feeding back concerns to the relevant UK government departments and negotiating on its behalf. FSPA and more children retreat indoors, alone and engaging primarily with their tablets and phones, their mental health is suffering. "In this APPG report we present the case for halting this decline and providing the facilities children need in order to play before it is too late. Play is national standard for parks and green spaces – the Green Flag Award – we know how important the provision of these quality spaces is to local communities, and we welcome this charter." Rishi Sunak, the minister for Parks and Green Spaces said: "I am fully committed to working together with the many organisations, voluntary bodies and local communities who dedicate their own time to support the sustainability of our much valued parks and green spaces. "While there are many challenges ahead, I am excited by the work the Parks Action Group is undertaking to identify positive solutions, so we can continue to provide safe and inclusive green spaces for our diverse communities to enjoy." Keep Britain Tidy API supports Mental Health in Childhood report integral to the happiness and wellbeing of young people – it is not a luxury we can afford to cut back on. "A Minister for Children would be a clear signal that the Government is prioritising the welfare of children in this country. To be a child is to play and harsh restrictions on their opportunities to do so are damaging. We will continue to champion play as a vital component of children's healthy mental, emotional and physical development." API L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w. p l a y a n d a c t i v i t y. c o . u k August 2018 Focus on the vibrant play industry

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