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GUESTLIST 2018 / ISSUE 110 11 Robinson, real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was already given a suspended sentence last year for attempting to film four defendants entering Canterbury Crown Court for a rape trial. On May 25th, Robinson was arrested, charged, and sentenced to 13 months in prison for posting a live stream to Facebook in which he filmed defendants outside of Leeds Crown Court, and later discussed elements of the case. This is illegal under Section 9 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981; primary legislation that inhibits anyone from recording, reporting, or publishing court proceedings without prior leave of the court. This act is in place to ensure that juries are not swayed by information, potentially false or biased, outside of the legal proceedings of the case. The two outcomes of breaching this act are that either the legal process is disrupted to the point of a false verdict, or that the case collapses entirely. By breaching this act not only once, but twice, Robinson undermines and threatens judicial process. In the words of Judge Norton of Canterbury Crown Court after delivering Robinson's suspended sentence last year: "This is not about free speech… and not about political correctness. "It is about justice and ensuring that a trial can be carried out justly and fairly. It's about being innocent until proven guilty. "It is about preserving the integrity of the jury to continue without people being intimidated or being affected by irresponsible and inaccurate reporting, if that's what it was." The far-right can't pick-and-choose when the law is applied. If they say they want justice for criminals, then this is what it looks like. Robinson was not jailed for exercising free- speech, he was jailed for repeatedly impeding legal proceedings after already being warned. IF THE FAR-RIGHT WANT JUSTICE FOR TOMMY ROBINSON, THEY ALREADY HAVE IT Since Tommy Robinson's imprisonment for contempt of court on May 25th, protests to free him in the name of free-speech have been carried out across London and other cities. Indeed, for some time already, many people have decided to turn vegan, eating and consuming a plant-based diet and buying cruelty-free items. They favour a healthier lifestyle as a response to the growing danger that our way of consuming and producing is harming the environment and its inhabitants, both humans and animals. The vegan movement boom may be explained by the fact that the internet has made the spreading of ideas easier than it used to be. It's also much easier to buy items on the internet, which permit vegans to consume interesting non-mainstream products in accordance with their ethical values. If being vegetarian or vegan was a struggle only a few years ago, and enjoying a varied diet with the nutrition that carnivores enjoy was kind of a challenge in terms of money, practicality and creativity, it seems like it has become much easier today for our vegan friends! The transition towards a healthier and more respectful lifestyle seems to be happening. Nowadays, not only a great majority of restaurants have introduced great tasting vegetarian and vegan options to their menu but there are now a rising number of exclusively vegan places to eat, especially in big cities like London. Vegans can eat fast food as quickly as carnivores would when munching a hamburger, only that the traditional beef steak is now replaced by vegetable patties or falafels! Vegan fast-food spots like PilPel are flourishing everywhere in the city. They now have sox restaurants in London! People seem to love not just the speed of the service but they say they are the greatest falafels in the universe! Meat eaters say the falafel in pitta bread is THE dish that could help them turn vegetarian! They can eat cheap, fast, healthy and respectfully. In short, 2018 is a great time to be vegan and especially in London! HOW BEING VEGAN IS GETTING EASIER AND EASIER Today, many travellers are turning to this new form of tourism. The goal is for travellers to reduce pollution by respecting ecosystems and nature. Ecotourism intensified after the announcement of global warming, giving us a real awareness of the impact our carbon footprint is having on the earth. This tourism is focused mainly on volunteering, in places where the fauna and flora are still wild. Ecotourism promotes environmental awareness among ecotourists and the local population, creates green jobs for locals, helps protect environmentally important areas and encourages restoration of key habitats. So rather than having a negative impact on the world when you go away, you can use your holiday as a force for good. You're guaranteed to feel great at the end of it too! WHY YOU SHOULD BE AN ECOTOURIST? The term ecotourism appeared in the 70's, the exact definition is "environmentally friendly trips and visits to relatively undisturbed natural areas, in order to enjoy and appreciate nature, promote conservation, have a low impact on visitors and allow for an advantageous and active socio- economic participation of local populations." TURN YOUR PASSION INTO POUNDS Everyone has something they do that they love tat they could turn into their livelihood. When are you having the most fun? If it's when you're reading, why not be a book reviewer... Maybe you make strange collages from photos. Print them on tshirts and hey presto you have a fashion brand. If you love the theatre, work in one or better yet, build one! The moral is, whatever you love can be your life - just make it so! CAT RACE In the UK, the number of people identifying as vegans has increased by 350%, compared to a decade ago according to research commissioned by the Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life magazine.

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