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September 2018

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 33 in this position, and what is expected from the employee. Job descriptions also help communicate to other employees what the role of the new hire is. The third area in which we want to succeed is getting employees off to a good start. Bringing family members on board should still include making their first day memorable, setting expectations and goals, assigning a mentor employee, and meeting with them more frequently to give feedback on expectations and goals. If we want them to be successful, we shouldn't be shy about providing encouragement—and redirection when necessary. What if you believe a family member may be ready for a management and/ or ownership opportunity? I believe family members should get management opportunities if they are a good fit for the business; if the business has a need to be filled; if the business can grow to bring them in; and if the family member has earned the opportunity. A Good Fit Again, we are not doing the next generation a favor if we bring them into a position in which they are likely to fail. Does the family member have the people management skills that are so critical to today's businesses? Does he or she show a desire to learn about management and improve his or her management skills, or are they better suited to remain as a non-management employee of the business? What areas do they excel in, and how can the business benefit from their skills? Business' Need for Management Where is the management team weak now, and how could this new hire help? What goals could be achieved with this additional management team member in place? Looking ahead to farm succession, how could this individual fit into the future of this farm business? Can the Business Grow? When we are bringing in additional family members to the business, the business income needs to grow to accommodate the extra draw. Experts suggest that each additional new management team member needs to bring in at least an additional $100,000 net farm income into the business. Can the farm accomplish this through a simple growth in size, or will it need to diversify? Will someone have to leave in order for this person to come in? Has this family member earned the right to join the management team? The family member should have proved him or herself as a good employee first and earned the right to become a management team member. This process doesn't need to take a long time, in fact, I'm a big proponent of the next generation gaining some farm management/ownership in their 20s, and if proven, having the majority of the business controlled by them by their 40s. Bringing on family members as employees and eventually managers/ owners can be a great opportunity for both the individual and the business. We can improve the success of that new relationship by being clear in our expectations, maintaining separation between work and family, making sure it's a good fit both the short and long term, and planning exit strategies before the employment begins. PIVOT POINT TO END GUN ASK YOUR NELSON DEALER ABOUT THE BIG GUN® REBUILD PROGRAM NELSON IRRIGATION CORPORATION OFFERS A FULL RANGE OF WATER APPLICATION SOLUTIONS FOR MECHANIZED IRRIGATION. FROM CONTROL VALVES TO PIVOT SPRINKLERS, AND PRESSURE REGULATORS TO END GUNS — THE PACKAGE IS COMPLETE. TEL: +1 509.525.7660 — NELSONIRRIGATION.COM CROP SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS GIVE OUR 3030 SERIES A WHIRL: Press, Spin, Click for On, Off, Flush, Line Flush Functions 1957-7NelsonIrrigation12h.indd 1 5/9/18 4:22 PM

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