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September 2018

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Estate Management The right tools for the job Page 9-12 Winter Maintenance Getting ready for the change in seasons Page 25-26 Product News EMAIL: 03 03 L a n d s c a p e & A m e n i t y w w w . l a n d s c a p e a n d a m e n i t y. c o m September 2018 Special Feature Professional Groundscare supplement Brushcutters Tackling the heavy stuff Page 27-28 Fields in Trust has partnered with green space charity Groundwork and The National Youth Agency to launch 'Future Proof Parks', a £900,000 National Lottery-funded programme that will support Friends of parks groups and local young people to work together in a series of innovative projects which will protect heritage parks and widen the understanding of their importance. Future Proof Parks will engage 880 young people across the UK in the West Midlands, East of England, West of England, North West and North East, to learn more about their local historic park heritage, encourage young people to join their local friends of park groups and volunteer to preserve and celebrate the local spaces that matter to the communities they live in. The programme will work with 60 Friends of park groups to DLF Seeds have announced that an agreement has been reached to acquire PGG Wrightson Seeds. With DLF recognised as a leading seed player in the Northern hemisphere, and PGG occupying a similar position in the south, the combined business is seen as a significant strategic leap towards a significant global presence. PGG Wrightson Seeds is an international market leader The Association of Play Industries (API) is lending its full support to the call for a Cabinet Minister for Children & Young People. The APPG on a Fit and Healthy Childhood is campaigning for the appointment of a Minister whose sole focus will be on children's welfare. API Chair Mark Hardy, says: "Children are facing unprecedented challenges meaning that, unless things change, they could become the least healthy adults in living memory. "What is required is a joined-up approach to tackle the overwhelming odds against today's young people – a Minister tasked to look at the whole picture and place children at the heart of policy making. "Childhood obesity and rising mental health issues are being DLF Seeds acquires PGG Wrightson Seeds It's time for a Minister for Children, says API give them informal youth work skills to engage and work with young people, in order to share ideas and combine the talents of established friends of park groups, with the passion and skills of young volunteers. The three-year programme has been awarded funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund's Kick the Dust programme, which aims to enable more young people to be involved in the UK's heritage. The programme has the support of Parks and Green Spaces Minister, Rishi Sunak, who said: "Parks play a valuable role in our communities, providing vibrant locations for people to socialise, exercise and relax. It's inspiring to see the dedication of the many Friends of parks groups up and down the country who make huge contributions to their local green spaces. within forage and turf seeds, responsible for many of Europe's top-rated bent grasses including Manor and Arrowtown, with activities in New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. W i t h D L F o p e r a t i n g complementary business in terms of market coverage and distribution capabilities, the combined business will allow for continued investments at the fuelled by a chronic lack of physical activity amongst children. How many children this summer, for example, will spend the majority of their time indoors and alone, dependent on their screens for entertainment? "Today's children are the least active UK generation and the toll on their physical and mental health is great. As a society, our emphasis on the importance of activity for children is waning. "Our own research has revealed an alarming decline in playground provision. 112 playgrounds were closed in the 2014-15 financial year and a further 102 in 2015-16. Councils revealed 80 more closures in 2016-17 followed by at least 51 closures planned for 2018." API "I welcome Future Proof Parks to help us encourage more young people to get interested in and preserve their local parks and green spaces for generations to come." As well as supporting those communities directly involved in the programme a set of resources will be made available to encourage and support other Friends of parks groups to work with local young people. Fields in Trust Chief Executive, Helen Griffiths, said: "Our research shows that parks and green spaces bring economic and welfare benefits to people across the UK. "At a time when many are under threat it is vital that we encourage the next generation to care for and support our parks and green spaces so that people, both now and in the future, can continue to benefit from them." Fields in Trust highest level, to offer end-users better seed solutions through research and plant breeding. DLF Chief Executive Truels Damsgaard said, "The world is changing ever faster with new plant breeding technologies offering quicker and better tailored solutions to diverse amenity conditions. "To stay ahead of the competition, it is of utmost importance to gain scale in your business, to support biotechnology while minimising timescales and risk. With this acquisition DLF not only achieves such scale, we also gain a strong supply chain and market coverage in the Southern Hemisphere, which positions DLF uniquely in the global forage and turf seed space." The transaction remains subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to close within six months. DLF Seeds New £900,000 project to engage young people with heritage parks HLF's Heritage Ambassadors played an important part in allocating the grants. The 17 self-titled 'Dust Kickers' aged 16-25, recruited from across the UK to work with HLF on making heritage more inclusive for people in their age group, advised HLF's decision panel on the projects they found to be most appealing. HLF Heritage Ambassador and member of the #IWill c a m p a i g n ' s E n v i r o n m e n t Steering Group, Jack Welch, said: " It's wonderful to see young people's participation in heritage is being prioritised with this funding, especially in this project that will see more young people able to participate in the life of their local park and to feel closer to the natural world. "It's important to me that we break down barriers across the ages, so that our heritage can be preserved for the future."

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