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President's Letter ~ September 2018

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September 12, 2018 Dear Members: The most popular recent question has been "When will we be voting on the Long-Range Planning projects?". I am pleased to inform you that on Oct.15 th at 7:00pm, your BOD will hold a Special General Meeting of Shareholder Members (SGM) for the purpose of voting on the four Board recommended projects outlined below: Recommendation #1 – Replacement of our Irrigation System (which includes a regrading of the 17 th fairway and a rebuilding of the tee blocks on hole #17) Installed 30 years ago, our current irrigation system is outdated, inefficient and increasingly susceptible to breakdown and failure. Replacing it with a modern 3-line system will significantly improve our ability to control course watering as well as increase the areas of coverage. It is a top priority recommendation of the Greens Committee and is considered a "must do" project by the Board. To facilitate this project, you will be voting on the approval of a capital expenditure of $2.1 million with construction expected to commence in October, 2019. Please note: The increased funding amount as compared to earlier presentations reflects the inclusion of anticipated fairway regrading recommended for hole #17 which would occur during the installation of the irrigation main line. It also includes plans for improvements to the tee blocks on our 17 th hole with fill made available during regrading. Recommendation #2 – Renovations to our Mixed Lounge, Dining Room and Kitchen Based on high level objectives of improved Food and Beverage service levels, expanded availability of the dining area as well as enhanced dining options designed to improve member experience, your Board is recommending the following clubhouse renovations: The expansion and updating of our kitchen facilities for improved capability of service for members and guests, while at the same time improving working conditions for our staff. Significant expansion and improvements to our Mixed Lounge to reflect the increased demands of our members for upscale casual dining suitable for all ages. Highlighted features will include improved audio visual, potential for open access to the patio and enhanced bar seating while maintaining our inviting dining atmosphere. The improvement of our fine dining venue by creating a quiet and intimate setting and at the same time bringing back the much desired views of the lake.

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