September/October 2018

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34 / SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER.2018 USICERINKS.COM A rena managers need to know the answers to these and many other related questions to survive and flourish in today's highly competitive environment. Information Technology (IT) is the key to delivering the timely information necessary to improve the efficiency of rink operations. Prior to the advent of computers, the only way to find answers to the above questions was to hire someone to do it, or for facility managers to spend what few hours were left in the day doing it themselves. By the time they got their answers, the information was old and outdated. But that was better than no information at all. Today, that approach won't suffice. Personnel resources are scarce, direct competitors are building facilities five miles away, and indirect competition from alternative forms of entertainment are vying for your customers' dollars. Managing the bottom line while delivering all of the services your customers demand forces you to become more efficient. You don't need to be an IT professional to derive benefits from the automation of your operations. Today's software delivers integrated functionality and ease of use. In fact, computer technology may be your most valuable tool to stay ahead of the competition. SIGNIFICANT COST SAVINGS THROUGH LOWER ENERGY BILLS CAN BE ACHIEVED BY IMPLEMENTING TECHNOLOGY TO CONTROL THE REFRIGERATION, LIGHTING, AND HEAT LEVELS IN A FACILITY. 34 / SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER.2018 USICERINKS.COM Who is my best and most profitable customer? Which one of my ice sheets is utilized the most? The Key to Efficiency, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction... IT

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