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44 / SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER.2018 USICERINKS.COM HOW To Battery Life BATTERY MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST 1. Record all voltage checks. 2. Record specific gravities. 3. Check all cables and connectors. 4. Check vent caps, cell connectors and shrouds. 5. Add water if needed. 6. Clean and neutralize battery surface. 7. For best operation charge batteries only when BDI is at 40% or lower. Make Your Batteries Last As Long As Possible! Here are some great tips to help ensure a longer life for your batteries: 8. Always press the stop button when disconnecting the battery from the charger to avoid a spark which could cause injury. 9. Opportunity Charging—If opportunity charging is required, it is best to perform it when BDI is above 60%. J Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the July/August 2001 issue of RINK. , Example: An operator determines at noon of the tournament weekend that battery life may be insufficient. It is best to start opportunity charging earlier in the day when the unit has approximately 60% charge remaining.

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