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54 / SEPTEMBER.OCTOBER.2018 USICERINKS.COM CEnter ice Q&A with a rink professional PHOTOS: COURTESY OF ERIC DURSIN // How did you get your start in the rink industry? I started when I was 16 as a skate guard at a local seasonal rink, and have been managing rinks and arenas for the past 14 years. // What is the biggest challenge you have encountered during your career in the industry? The biggest challenge that most manag- ers face, including myself, is keeping your facility fresh and current. With many new facilities being built, you need to stay up on renovations and new tech- nologies that attract customers and fans to your building. // Who would you say is your biggest influence? In life it would be my parents, but in the rink industry I had a supervisor who helped me understand the industry and taught me the value in education and networking which helped me develop a passion and turn it into a career. // What is your favorite thing about Schneider Arena? The variety of groups that we host in Schneider is great. We can host a nationally televised Hockey East game in front of a sold-out crowd one night, and the next night we are your typical neighborhood rink with an adult pick-up group. The college prides itself in hav- ing a premier hockey arena on campus and that helps to accomplish my goals and objectives. // What is something you feel many do not know about working in the ice rink industry? I think most people who visit or frequent rinks or arenas are unaware of the train- ing and education that ice rink profes- sionals go through to earn their profes- sional designations. // What is your favorite type of music or band to listen to? I'm a fan of country music and classic rock. I would say Eric Church is my go-to. // What is the most successful industry project you have been a part of? A few years back we needed to remove multiple layers of paint off a concrete slab. I ended up hiring a shot blasting company and they removed it all in a few days. Prior to starting the job, both the contractor and I didn't know if it would work and what it would do to the floor— it worked though! J Eric Dursin PROFILE Name: Eric Dursin Facility: Schneider Arena (Providence College) U.S. Ice Rinks Professional Designations Achieved: CIRM Years in the Ice Rink Industry: 20 Providence, R.I. I HAD A SUPERVISOR WHO HELPED ME UNDERSTAND THE INDUSTRY AND TAUGHT ME THE VALUE IN EDUCATION AND NETWORKING WHICH HELPED ME DEVELOP A PASSION INTO A CAREER.

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