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28 PRODUCT SHOWCASE the Groundsman January 2013 Grass Seed 4Turf trial plot success following winter stress This year sees DLF and Johnsons topping the new turfgrass seed booklet, with No 1 ranking on 12 tables, more than any other breeder. Among the highlights are New Arrowtown browntop bent grass which will set a new standard for close mown sports turf. Density, tolerance to close mowing and disease resistance sees Arrowtown included in Johnsons J Green, J Ryegreen and J Allbent, a top choice for bowls and golf greens. Customers concerned about the environment can also help to reduce the carbon footprint with Masterline PM 82. Research has shown that the sports field mixture, which includes microclover, can reduce carbon footprint by 35 per cent compared to a standard ryegrass. Then there's the New 4Turf tetraploid perennial ryegrass. The cultivar Double has been added to Masterline PM 70 and Johnsons J Pitch. 4Turf tetraploid seeds are 1.5 times bigger than regular diploids, produce stronger seedlings and provide improved establishment which, combined with the slightly more open nature, makes them the ideal mixture partner for hard wearing perennial ryegrasses. 4Turf is also deeper rooted increasing shear strength and drought tolerance as Limagrain UK's amenity grass seed mixture for sports pitch recovery - MM 75R – is being increasingly adopted by sports groundsmen to help improve playing surfaces in the winter months. The MM 75R seed mixture contains the variety Matrix which germinates and grows at lower temperatures than other grasses. As with the other grass mixtures, seed is treated with Headstart to provide rapid germination to achieve fast establishment and ground cover. For 2013, Limagrain has introduced several new grass varieties into its MM and Designer ranges of mixtures for sports pitches and amenity use: new catalogues for each have been published detailing the revised mixtures. MM75R (left) after 14 days Visit for more information and digital editions well as being significantly more disease resistant. Having the highest score for red thread resistance in the STRI trials, 4Turf also tops European trials for winter fungal disease resistance. The new PM 70 is designed for overseeding sports fields but also makes the perfect mixture for renovating worn turf. The addition of 4Turf to J Pitch makes it suitable for training pitches where rapid establishment and the ability to deliver a more economically sustainable high quality surface are important. Cricket fans will not be disappointed with the new Johnsons J Premier Wicket. The inclusion of the new sports turf rye grass Natasha means the mixture now boasts the highest rating for proven performance under close mown conditions in independent trials. Following extensive UK and European trials, J Premier Pitch has been further enhanced to deliver the highest combined wear tolerance results so far. The top-rated cultivars also deliver incredible density, attractive colour and exceptional recovery. All Johnsons sports turf mixtures come pre-coated with Growmax, and J Premier Wicket and J Premier Pitch are available with the iSeed fertiliser coating.

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