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INNOVATIONS IN AUDIO • AUDIO ELECTRONICS • THE BEST IN DIY AUDIO Back EMF Reactive Impedances and Energy Losses—Part 4 By Andy Lewis Book Review High Fidelity Circuit Design by Crowhurst & Cooper Review by Morgan Jones Audio Praxis Audio Archiving, Preservation, and Restoration at the Library of Congress By Scott Dorsey Practical Test & Measurement USB Oscilloscopes LabNation SmartScope Review By Ethan Winer You Can DIY! Reflective-Way, Two-Way System—Part 1 By Peter Lehmann The Incredible Egg Loudspeaker Part 3—The Proof Is in the Listening By Thomas Perazella Sound Control Modulation Distortion in Loudspeakers—Part 3 Detectability Threshold of Doppler Distortion Hollow-State Electronics Screen-Grid Biasing By Richard Honeycutt A U D I O X P R E S S | N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8 NOVEMBER 2018

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