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Tel:800-338-0531 725 Pleasant Valley Dr. Springboro, OH 450666 Distributed By: Code: AXP4Q8 Expires 11/30/2018 off $100 order! SAVE $10 For optimal performance, check out these accessories (sold separately). #230-502 Dayton Audio DSP-BT4.0 Bluetooth Data and Streaming USB Interface for DSP-408 #230-504 Dayton Audio DSP-RC Wired Remote Control for DSP-408 The Dayton Audio DSP-408 is a feature- rich 4 input, 8 output digital signal processor that was designed to give you the tools to contour your audio system to fi t your tastes. The DSP- 408 allows the user to choose the application of their device. With two methods of powering the DSP, this processor is the perfect addition to your home or car audio system. THE ULTIMATE IN AFFORDABLE SIGNAL PROCESSING The most unique feature of the DSP-408 is the ability to operate in a vehicle or home audio system right out of the box. This adaptation allows users to utilize a single model of DSP for all their audio processing needs. The ability to control this DSP is provided via a windows application or via Bluetooth connection to an Android or iOS device when paired with the Dayton Audio DSP-BT4.0 (#230-502). The volume and preset selection for the DSP can also be controlled by the optional wired remote (#230-504). For many individuals, the pursuit of perfect sound quality is a never- ending quest. When utilizing all the features the DSP-408 offers, the ability to manipulate and improve the sound quality of your audio system is simply astonishing. Connect to your DSP-408 and get to work! Windows Program Visit Custom OEM inquiries welcome. Mobile App #230-500

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