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GUESTLIST 2018 / ISSUE 111 11 The Health Minister Lydia Mutsch said the she is "pleased that the House has agreed with the bill to legalise access to cannabis for medical purposes. "The medical use of cannabis is an important step in our efforts to reduce the pain and suffering of some patients, where usual treatments do not allow it". Other European countries with legalised medical weed are Germany, Finland, Czechia, and Netherlands, amongst others. Canada has also recently legalised recreational weed, on a federal level, meaning local municipalities can not fight against this decision. LUXEMBOURG GETS HIGH AND GETS WELL Luxembourg has joined other European countries in passing a bill on 29th June 2018 for legalised medical use of marijuana. She started with the Zero Waste movement about two and a half years ago, she said that 'after I had been vegan for several years, I was like, right, I've been a passive activist for severals years by choosing not to eat meat, dairy and stuff, so I need to do something more active... I came across a women in New York, with a video about her trash jar, and was both intimidated, and inspired!'. A trash jar is a way some people within the zero waste movement, keep track, and stay mindful of the waste that they've created, by placing it in a glass jar. The woman she watched said 'I am your average lazy person, and if I can do it, so can you'. It resonated with Immy. 'I am your average lazy person too!' At first, she made one video to show what kinds of stuff a zero waste person could buy around them. It got over 70,000 views, and she understood that at the time, there was a lot of interest about the topic, but not a lot of resources to learn from. So she stuck with it. Now her Youtube and Instagram is filled with posts with instructions, guides, as well as information about a lot of important things, like micro plastics. Her biggest surprise with starting Zero Waste in fact, was how little she needed to live a content life, and I think we can all relate to the feeling of having so much junk all over the place. So maybe this one might be for you? As for advice, she mentioned that 'it matters what you do every day, rather than what you do once a year', for even if you mess up once in a while, it is a lot more important that you build habits that have a positive impact on the world, and yourself. I asked her which of her videos would be an essential for someone new to the scene, and she said it has to be 'ULTIMATE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO ZERO WASTE! P.1' ZERO WASTE AND BEING SUSTAINABLY VEGAN Here we break down three ways to get into that untapped potential. Focus on your goals There's no better motivation then your own goals. If you keep these at the forefront of your mind in whatever you do, you will keep striving, work that extra half an hour, finish that extra task and get more done. Think about the alternative If you're goals aren't enough to motivate, use the alternative as a way to push on towards your dreams. Do you want to go back to having a boss? Do you want to go back to an office, a 9-5? There's a while works out there that can be kind of boring, use that to light the fire inside you! Remind yourself: Your best is not your best. As soon as you reach your 'best' there is another level beyond that you could achieve. You can always be better so you should hold yourself to a higher standard. By simply reminding yourself of this small fact, you can move forward. When you finish a task, ask again 'could I do more?' If the answer is yes (it will be!) get stuck back in and do it! ASK MORE OF YOURSELF The main obstacle between and where you want to be is you. Your state of mind and work ethic can carry you through a lot but most of us know that there's more we could be doing. WHATEVER YOU DO, MAKE IT GOOD. To aim for the stars really think big. If you've just made a flyer for for someone, if you're making a film for a friend, you might be charging something small but keep going until it's something that you could charge £10k for. Don't stop working until your day's work is worth £10k. It's good practice! CAT RACE I had the pleasure of catching up with Immy over a coffee, the 26 year old, vegan, low impact adventurer, better known online as sustainably_vegan.

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