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Let's be honest, not all of us want to be our boss. It's too much stress and there's too many other exciting things to be doing. We just wanna go work for somewhere decent, make some P's, feel like we did a good job, and enjoy the fruits of our labour. However that doesn't seem to be the way it works any longer. If you're not being bounced out of jobs for no reason (usually before they have to make you a permanent member of staff), then you're working somewhere that you just can't take for that long, or that, no matter how good you get at the job, you can ever get ahead in. Worse than that you can barely cover the rent, your shifts keep getting messed around so you feel like you've got no control over your own life, you keep being asked to work harder for the same cash - except that same pay check doesn't buy what it used to - and the work seems pointless. So we look for something else, and hope that another job is going to make it better. Except it doesn't. And now we've got robots coming for our jobs, and tech companies pricing us out, and the rents are going up. But there's a way to beat this. 12 ISSUE 111 / 2018 MONEY TALKS Are you bouncing from job to job? Getting paid to little and worker at places you can only hack for 6 months before moving on? Do you feel like you are always moving sideways and never moving up? Then now is the time to join a Trade Union CRYPTOWEEN PARTY! 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE BITCOIN WHITEPAPER! UNIONS: GET PAIIIIID THE RIGHT WAY Cryptoween is a social event supported by a coalition of Community groups across London focused on Investment or Blockchain Technology. On 31st October head down to the Hoxton Sevemn and meet the communities behind London's vibrant Blockchain Space, hosted by Blockchain Beginners, Crypto Arnie and CryptoCompare. It will be an opportunity to rub shoulders with industry executives, cryptotraders, venture capital funds, investors and influencers. Join us and the most creepiest and scariest people in Crypto CRYPTO NEWS ECONOMY OF MONEY But no one is an island, and the dream we are sold that you can do it all by yourself is false. No successful person in history has done it all by themselves - everyone has a team, everyone works with people they can trust, people who care about the same things and who want success, but who have different talents that help them reach their goals. Cooperatives are the REAL way to make this happen that actually works. Instead of talent having to hire in specialists who only care about your cash, you can build something from the beginning where everyone in the team has a stake, and everyone shares some decision making. How do coops do in comparison? Over 80% are still going strong after 5 years. Why is that? • Is it because a coop is almost always of team of equally committed people? • Is it because in a coop everyone shares the highs, not just the lows (let's remember, if your boss does well then he gets a fat pay check, if he does badly you're getting sacked)? • Is it because you have to get more people involved in a coop, which helps you focus on great ideas and chuck out bad ones? These are things you should find out for yourself, and start a coop. Final thought: human beings are slower and weaker than every animal we eat, or could eat us - so how did we succeed? By working together. That is it, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - and if you want to make it, you want to get your team and start working together to really win. WANNA START A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS? GO COOP Nowadays if we want something doing we know we've often got to do it ourselves. From starting up our business, brand or social media channels, to creating community hubs, taking back lost spaces or building our own place to live. Check out COOPS UK for more details on how to get on this - Don't believe me? Check the stats Only 44% of start ups make it through their first five years. And that's if they even get through their first year, where more than half fail. FOLLOW @GUESTLISTDOTNET Join a Trade Union. Back in the day when people thought a job sucked they didn't move on, and they didn't think it was their fault. No. they knew it was the bosses fault, and they stayed and fought -together - for a better place to work. And 9 times out of 10 they got paiiiiid. Better wages, better working hours, more meaningful work, safer work - and through the union you can even support political campaigns you care about. Well that work is still going on. You can find all the big unions at the TUC, or GFTU - but the ones that have been making the headlines recently at McDonalds, Wetherspoons, Uber Eats and deliveroo are the small, more fighty unions like the IWW, UVW, and IWGB. Get involved!

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