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2018 / ISSUE 111 5 NEWS Beyond that, even by half a degree, will significantly increase the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people. The report detailed that nothing less than keeping all fossil fuels in the ground is the solution to avoid future calamities. Whilst that may already seem quite scary, there's a lot you're still not being told. The actual situation could be much worse. The IPCC report is based on the consensus view of the hundreds of top scientists who make up the IPCC. This means a 'middle ground' scenario is likely to be the one we've been fed. As Jamie Henn, co-founder of the international climate group, stated in a tweet, the "scariest thing about the IPCC Report" is the fact that "it's the watered down, consensus version. The latest science is much, much, much more terrifying." There's a term you might hear when talking about the climate, 'Tipping Point'. What this means is the moment when climate change is irreversible. What Jamie Henn and others are concerned about is that, even as we reach global warming of 1C, the set of events that this could put in place, may lead to a snowballing effect which could dramatically change the world's climate before we can stop it. Essentially the planet as we know it, will no longer exist. But none of this is said to scare you. Just to make you eat less meat, buy less things and be nice. You may have seen the front pages of national newspapers, the Guardian and the Independent highlighting a new UN report that gave the world 12 years to stop global warming from reaching a maximum of 1.5C. WORLD NEWS The Recycled Island Foundation in Rotterdam has created floating islands from litter found in the Mass River in Rotterdam. The island is both beneficial for residents and the aquatic ecosystem. MP Boris Johnson compared Muslim women dressed in full veil to post boxes and "bank robbers". The racist and insensitive comments have been labeled by most as Islamophobic. By October 2018 the City of London will source 100% of their energy needs through renewable sources. This will be done through solar panels, renewable energy projects and buying clean energy. The world's first pay-what- you-can grocery store opened up in Toronto. The Feed It Forward store 'sells' goods donated from larger grocery chains. Off Key A 28-year-old woman became the first woman in Denmark to be fined for wearing a niqab. Denmark's face-covering ban prohibits masks and balaclavas. It does not mention Islamic facial coverings. UK NETHERLANDS LONDON CANADA DENMARK OFF KEY ON POINT ON POINT ON POINT OFF KEY WHO'S ON OR OFF KEY THIS MONTH? @guestlistdotnet GOOD NEWS Morrisons up the veg! Morrisons has recently revealed they will now be providing more meat free options in the form of vegan ready meals. The supermarket which was once known for its fresh meats and local pies, has found a growing audience in vegans. They even wowed the zero waste crowd a few months back with their announcement of plastic free packaging for their fruit and veg range. Cleaners get a pay rise United Voices of the World are a union who have had some notable successes, earning better terms, conditions and much improved pay rates for low wage earners like cleaners, security staff, waiters, and often migrant workers, taking on some big names on the way like Top Shop, Harrods, and Sothebys. Last month, cleaners at the Ministry of Justice went on co-ordinated strike with workers at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall. As a result, Kensington and Chelsea council have agreed to bring their cleaners in-house and pay the London Living Wage (LLW). The fight at the Ministry of Justice continues, and security staff who are part of the larger PCS union are going to be joining, while other PCS staff at BEIS will also begin action. French Montana remixes famous for a good cause. French Montana re-released his last year's hit "Famous" with Adam Levine to raise funds for a maternity and children's clinic centre in Uganda. His reason for donating royalties of this song to this remix is as he said "I feel like every woman and child deserves the right healthcare. It shouldn't be a privilege it should be a right". With this remix out came out an awesome dance video filmed in a village in Uganda THE COUNTDOWN TO CLIMATE CATASTROPHE

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