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50 ISSUE 111 / 2018 INDIE The husky voice of Mikaela Straus, is gaining deserved attention, for reasons that go beyond music. Being a queer artist in music today, Straus has been representing a community, that has fallen short of representation in the past. In her music video for the single '1950', she sports a drawn-on moustache, playing on gender in a blatant and satirical way, mocking the concept itself. The single expresses the unrequited love between queer people in history and is based on the book The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith (Film Adaptation: Carol, 2015). The 19-year-old singer-songwriter released her first album, Make My Bed in June. The album is magic - her vulnerability and intense emotion evocative of Lorde and Maggie Rogers. GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS: KING PRINCESS ARTIST OF THE MONTH: ARCTIC MONKEYS In many ways, it's been one of the most anticipated albums of the year. The Arctic Monkeys have kept us waiting five years for new music since the huge success of AM, and then by only announcing this album a month in advance of its release, and furthermore choosing not to release a pre-emptive single, they had given the fans no clue of which direction their sound had taken. Everyone was tense – from the AM generation hoping for more slick riffs and sexy bangers, to the old hardcore fans wishing for a reminiscent return to the gritty working-class roots of the Sheffield boys' original sound – but come May 11th Arctic Monkeys surprised everyone, with the pure weirdness of Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino. From the release of the track titles alone, we began to guess it may not be a very conventional album. Firstly, what was a Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino? 'American Sports' – has their prolonged time in the States further influenced their sound, a shift which disappointed many British indie guitar-music fans back around AM's release? What is 'The Ultracheese'? And 'The World's First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip'? Really?! We knew to expect something interesting and Tranquillity Base has really given us all that and more. More at PLAYLIST ATW All Them Witches Holler Amy Ray Disease Beartooth The Window Cécile McLorin Salvant Here's the Indie on our playlist this month

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