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54 ISSUE 111 / 2018 INDIE The band Gringoh just released their debut single 'Rules and Relations'. Their style is fresh and unique, with a mix of Urban London Style and Latin American beats, perfect to get you hyped for the weekend. NEWS: GRINGOH RELEASE DEBUT SINGLE ALBUM OF THE MONTH: BEACH HOUSE The plain and functional title of Beach House's seventh effort suggests business as usual, and sure enough, the Baltimore dream pop duo are sounding more like their wistful selves than ever. Still, for a band that's long been more interested in refining their distinct and disorienting sound than in breaking brave new ground, 7 finds singer Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally in an unusually impulsive and adventurous mood, with invigorating results. As well as being at least the duo's best album since 2012's Bloom, 7 might also be the most they've sounded like a rock band in that time. From the spatter of drums that kick off album opener 'Dark Spring', there's more conflict and tension than usual to these melancholic daydreams. The thickly layered soundscapes of guitars and synths are still here in full effect, conjuring textures that are sorrowful, soothing, ominous and blissed-out – sometimes all at once. But Legrand and Scally also frequently take a more direct approach to sweeping listeners off their feet, like on the bracing 'Dive' when the sultry mood-piece steps up its tempo halfway through to becoming a romantically-charged stomper. Where previous albums generally aimed for a hypnotically unified listening experience, this new release sees the group delivering a thrillingly diverse set of tracks that crisscross between the dark and light extremes of their palette. For those of you still struggling to tell Beach House songs apart, this new album may be the immersive and accessible entry-point you've been waiting for. Long-time fans, meanwhile, will find yet another euphoric series of sonic experiences to lose themselves in. While Beach House has long specialised in composing mesmerising tributes to fleeting moments of overwhelming heartbreak and ecstasy, 7 sees the duo injecting fresh drama into these dizzying feelings and the bittersweet memories they leave behind. TRACK OF THE MONTH: IDLES "Cut and Run", the first release from the Kent duo since their 2016 album, Take Control, has been released alongside a music video that sees Isaac and Laurie dressed as though they're in the next 118- 118 advert. The music video sees the pair in a dance studio performing a choreographed routine, and have posted the steps on their social media platforms, presumably in the hope that swathes of tartan-clad fans can learn and enact at their upcoming shows over the summer. So far it seems to be working, as the band has posted fan submissions of the routine on their Instagram stories. "Cut and Run" is the first single from Slaves' upcoming third album, a punchy 3-minute punk belter that'll have you throwing shapes with more enthusiasm than an uncle at a wedding. Go To School The Lemon Twigs Indigo Roan Yellowthorn The Pact Slothrust Stardust Birthday Party Ron Gallo Pillar Of Na Saintseneca Abysskiss Adrianne Lenker At Weddings Tomberlin Mother Of My Children Black Belt Eagle Scout Render Another Ugly Method Mothers This Night Falls Forever DeVotchKa Marauder Interpol Unforgettable Peluché NEW RELEASES

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