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Tough Times On A Short Course The Four-Wheel Classes plow through a difficult short course By Dan Sanchez Photos By Get Some Photo While the top ten Overall finishers in the SCORE Trophy Truck and Class 10 vehicles relished in their fast victories, Class 1 and rest of the truck classes seemed as though they were being bogged down on a course that was much tougher than they expected. Nevertheless, Gustavo Vildosola Sr. demonstrated how to get it done, and won the SCORE Trophy Truck Legend class while sharing driving duties with Scott Bailey. “The course was very rough today but we had no complaints and it was an awesome day,” said Bailey. During the first day of competition, Vildosola put in a combined two-lap time of 1:47:07, which was followed by Bailey on the following day with a two-lap time that gave the team a combined time of 3:44:58, allowing them to win the class. above:Jackson Motorsports' Frank DeAngelo congrats Wilsons on their win on BFGs. right:Brian Wilson managed to stay ahead of Shelby Reid to take the Class 1 win It was a different story for Class 1 racers, who started on the first day of competition within less than a minute separating the top class leaders in combined two-lap times. On day one, Brian Wilson in the number 153 car with Kyle Quinn, was leading the class going into the second day of racing. On day two, Shelby Reid in the number 168 car finished with a blisteringly fast pace but Wilson and Quinn managed to keep their combined times low enough to walk away with the Class 1 win. Reid did what she does best and ended up second in class along with co-driver Dale Ebberts. In the process, she bumped down the 129 car of Brandon Baily and Larry Job into third place in the class. Trophy Truck Spec racers also had tough competition with William Hedrick in the 295 Chevy battling it out with RPM Off-Road’s Sara Price on day one. At the end of day two, Hedrick with the help of Vincente Guerrero and German Encinas had a fast enough combined time to take the class win and hold off Price to a second place finish. Taking third place in Trophy Truck Spec was John Langley and the Cops Racing team. Langley was aided by co-driver and former Pro Moto Champion Steve Hengeveld. “This was our best finish ever. We are ready for the SCORE Baja 1000 with our entire RPM Team.” --- Sara Price RPM Off-Road’s Sara Price and Erika Sachs finished second in SCORE Trophy Truck Spec Santiago Creel took a turn driving a Trophy Truck Spec but had problems and posted a DNF In other classes, the course thinned out the competition, but some prevailed to finish on top. Class 8 winner Vincent Munoz from Yucaipa, California pulled out a win over Eduardo Ramirez in a Ford vs Chevy matchup in Tijuana. Despite the second place finish by Ramirez, he soars far ahead in points for a class win this season. In Class 7, Dan Chamlee in the number 700 Ford, and Carlos Diaz in the number 711 Ford battled for the win and for points towards a class championship. Finishing only seconds apart, Chamlee won the race in Tijuana, but Diaz’s second-place finish still put the two in a very tight contention for a class championship. Both will have to pull out all the stops at the 51st SCORE Baja 1000 to win the race and the championship. Lighter Is Faster For Buggy Classes Given the great performance of the buggy chassis on the course, the rest of the four-wheel field had a memorable race within each class. For Class 1/2-1600 racers, they didn’t expect Cesar Fiscal in the number 1644 car to come up with a class win in Tijuana. His 2018 season wasn’t off to a great start with a DNF and a disqualification in the last two SCORE races. He came back to Tijuana with co-drivers Fabian Fiscal and proved he was the one to beat, winning the class and putting Oscar and Fernando Alvarez, with Ramon Bio, in the number 1603 car into second place. Gustavo Avina, Faisal Diaz, Gabriel Avina and Eduardo Escobedo in the number 1678 car finished third. Although finishing behind Fiscal in Tijuana, Alvarez and Avina earned enough points to continue their fight for a 1/2-1600 class championship. Both teams will have to battle hard and whoever finishes ahead at the 51st SCORE Baja 1000 will come home with a class championship trophy. SCORE Lites also had some battles that counted for the win in Tijuana, but also towards a class championship. For Jeremy Davis in the number 1258 car, he won the class by only a couple of seconds ahead of second place finishers Gustavo Pinuelas and Cesar Castillo in the number 1218 car. Finishing in third was the number 1210 car of Luis Barragan and David Garcia who are currently tied in points for the class championship with Cardenas. Viry Felix won her second Class 11 victory this season The Beetles Swarm One of the outstanding performances during the Lucerna Hotels & Resorts Tijuana 22nd SCORE Desert Challenge was the Bug classes where the competition was tough in Class 11 and Class 5-1600. Cesar Iniguez in the number 553 car won by merely four seconds ahead of second place finisher Luis Herrera in the number 577 car in the 5-1600 class. Finishing third in class was Francisco Reynoso in the number 551 car, followed by Mark Winston in the number 596 car. Iniguez pulls ahead in the points standings above Herrera for the class championship. But the battle for the class is still too close to tell and will definitely be determined at the next race. Fans cheered as Viry Felix drove to a second Class 11 victory with the help of Cisco Bio during the two days of competition. “It was a tough track with more rocks and silt, but that’s what I love,” said Felix. “This is the challenge that that’s what we like to do. Cisco Bio did a great job and now we will get ready for the SCORE Baja 1000.” Vasquez finishes third in Class 11 Finishing in second place in the class was Eric Solorzano in the number 1111 car. This was his best finish after a tough season. In third place was Mario Vasquez in the number 1113 car. Currently, Felix has the most points within the class and has a great chance to take home a class 11 championship if she finishes well at the 51st SCORE Baja 1000 in November. The Sportsman Classes had a tough time with the course and out of all the four-wheel vehicle classes, Diane Giannelli in the number 1577 car finished first in Class 1500 Sportsman Unlimited Buggy. She finished with a time of 3:35:23. SJ

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