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AMPLIFY - Late Season Root Development and Beneficial Microbial Activity. Maximize root growth, nutrient availability & enhance nutrient foraging capacity with one product - BioMax ™ Dual Action +. © 2016 Agro-K Corporation. BioMax ™ Dual Action + Science-Driven Nutrition SM AGRO-K CORPORAtIOn 8030 Main Street, NE • Minneapolis, MN 55432 800-328-2418 • As climatic conditions moderate in late season and early fall a natural increase in soil microbial populations and activity occurs. This microbial increase also coincides with a tree or vine's natural late season root growth cycle. These two processes work in concert and benefit one another improving both soil and plant health. Plant roots naturally exude carbohydrates and organic acid compounds that feed bacteria and mycorrhizae and in return these organisms help solubilize soil nutrients for root uptake and help protect root health. The unique formulation of BioMax ™ Dual Action + can amplify this symbiotic process helping to increase both beneficial microbial activity and root growth. BioMax ™ Dual Action + is a powerful multi-faceted soil fertilizer - part microbial food source, part root development agent, part micronutrient and part soil conditioner. A fermentation derived food source directly feeds beneficial bacteria and fungi. A uniquely formulated seaweed extract directly feeds and encourages root development. EDTA zinc and manganese supply key micronutrients needed in the preferred soil available form to maximize root growth and health. A soil conditioning agent ensures that BioMax ™ Dual Action + penetrates into the rhizosphere where it can be most effective. BioMax ™ Dual Action + provides many late season benefits to perennial crops: • Amplifying beneficial microbial populations increases overall nutrient cycling and availability • Amplifying late season root growth increases nutrient foraging and uptake capability • Amplifying beneficial microbial activity improves soil tilth – (moisture penetration, moisture retention, and soil aeration) – leading to increased soil health • Maximizes the value of late season irrigation or rain fall • Enhances long-term tree and vine growth, health and productivity • Improve new planting establishment and time to bearing. BioMax ™ Dual Action + delivers more consistent and more cost effect result than living inoculants (bugs-in-a-jug). Contact Agro-K today to learn more about how BioMax ™ Dual Action + can complement your late season orchard and vineyard management practices and lead to a better start in spring. Northeast Ag Sales VT - 1-800-639-7094 ME - 1-800-462-7672 Traverse City - 231-946-5836 / 800-435-5143 Hamilton - 269-751-1020 / 877-969-1122 Your local source in Michigan for Agro-K products

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