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November 2018

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last several months (and the next 18), Hansen, Athay, and Doucette—known at MOI as the "experience team," have spent countless hours reading books on local his- tory, ecology, and exhibit creation, scouring the archives and the internet, writing and editing outlines, thinking about interactives and layouts and visitor experience, and col- lecting and preserving new artifacts. The result so far is the concept of an exhibit called "The Way Out West." If you're wondering how to interpret the word "way," that's intentional. The exhibit will discuss factors, like resources (the way things are) and migration (the way people get here), that have profoundly shaped our region. To grasp the importance of those two factors, just think about why you or your family came to East Idaho in the first place. If it was nuclear physics last month, potato farming a century ago or mammoth MOI staffers (from left) Director of Grants Kimberly Lee, Doucette, Hansen, and Athay discuss The Way Out West at a recent meeting. The Law of the Land, a current exhibit created by the MOI experience team, provides a preview of how parts of "The Way Out West" will look, and what sorts of artifacts it will include. PHOTOS COURTESY JEFF CARR / MUSEUM OF IDAHO IDAHOFALLSMAGAZINE.COM 37

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