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IN THIS ISSUE V O L U M E 3 2 , I S S U E 1 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8 1 INDUSTRY NEWS & DEVELOPMENTS By Vance Dickason 6 SPOTLIGHT Neodymium (Part 1): The Perfect Storm By Mike Klasco 10 DIRECTORY Measurement Microphones By Mike Klasco and Nora Wong 20 ACOUSTIC PATENTS By James Croft 24 TEST BENCH Two Full-Range Drivers from Eastech's Punktkilde Line By Vance Dickason 36 INDUSTRY WATCH By Vance Dickason By Vance Dickason Happy 31 st Anniversary Voice Coil November 2018 marks the beginning of Voice Coil's 32 nd year as an information resource for the loudspeaker industry. As you might recall, Voice Coil magazine started with a conversation between Ed Dell (sadly, Ed passed in February 2013) and myself after Audio Amateur, Inc. published the third edition of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook (now in its seventh edition and heading for the eighth!). Ed related to me a concept of creating a publication that would become an information "super highway" for the loudspeaker industry. Needless to say, I considered it not only an outstanding idea for a new publication, but something I felt the industry badly needed and would happily support. Obviously, after this many years, we were right to move forward with the publication. Ed Dell came up with the name, Voice Coil, and as they say, the rest is history. From the first issue until February 1992, Voice Coil was a monthly subscription-based black-and- white four-page newsletter that I wrote, with no other contributors and no advertising. However, in March 1992, we added a single-page insert titled "A Special Vendor Informational Supplement." This was the first "Special Focus" written about Ferrofluids by my friend and colleague, Mike Klasco (president of Menlo Scientific). Then in August 1994, we published a 16-page issue, featuring a report on The Loudspeaker University by Richard Honeycutt (now a columnist for Voice Coil's sister publication, audioXpress). However, Voice Coil was still a subscription-based publication with just an occasional advertisement. The next big change came in June 1995, when the Industry News & Developments

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