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December 2018

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New Products Brookside Agra Biomass Digester Program Brookside Agra has developed a unique Digester Program that utilizes the company's natural H2OExcel and Advanced Bio Pro products to return 20 to 30 percent of valuable biomass nutrients back into the soil, therefore reducing the amount of nutrients growers would need to apply in the spring. When using Brookside Agra's Digester Program—which contains a biological combined with the components that support beneficial microbes and bacteria in the soil—growers should see a fairly quick response. The goal of the Digester Program is to break down the biomass to make it easier to handle the following spring and return as much of its stored nutrients back into the soil in the forms that are stable and can be utilized for the next crop. Contact Brookside Agra at (618) 628-8300 www.brookside-agra. com. Huma Gro App The Huma Gro app for iOS smart phones has been released and is available for free at the Apple App Store. The previously released Android version of the Huma Gro app has also been enhanced and is available at the Google Play Store. The Huma Gro app provides a foliar application calculator for determining how much product to apply to specific crops on any size of field based on lab analysis, a continuously updated product document library, a product mixing guide, the ability to save product application data and calculations by field, and continuous news and feature updates from the Huma Gro website blog. The app allows growers and distributors to always have the most up-to-date information on every Huma Gro product, including the label, SDS and product technical bulletin. Additional information on Huma Gro products is available at www.humagro.com. Utrasol®ution K Liquid Potassium Nitrate SQM North America introduces Utrasol®ution K, its latest innovation in specialty plant nutrition. An all-in-one liquid formulation, Utrasol®ution K is composed of 100 percent macronutrients that are readily available for plant uptake, making it an ideal source of nitrogen and potassium. Initially, Utrasol®ution K will be available in two grades: 2.7-0-9 for cool-season and 3-0-10 for warm-season regions. As growers evaluate nutrient sources and build their nitrogen management plans for the 2019 season, incorporating Utrasol®ution K as a primary nitrogen source helps effectively address crop nutrient needs. When applied at the right rate and the right time, Utrasol®ution K has proven to be the right source to maximize use efficiency while increasing yields. When compared to other liquid fertilizers, Utrasol®ution K has a low salt index and a much lower plant toxicity risk than nitrogen sources based on ammonium or liquid potassium sources. Contact SQM North America at www.sqm.com. Tong Fieldloader PRO Based on the same principles as Tong Engineering's proven Fieldloader, which offers in-field and on-farm cleaning and loading of crops, the Fieldloader PRO has been designed with even greater flexibility, transportability and the gentlest handling in mind. The Fieldloader PRO receives and cleans crops at high capacities straight from trailers filled by the harvester, ensuring soil and debris are removed from crop in the field, while significantly reducing unnecessary transport of crop from field to farm. At about 30 feet long in transport mode, the self-contained, compact Fieldloader PRO features a high-capacity reception hopper feeding a choice of crop cleaning units. The Fieldloader PRO's new-style foldable cart elevator cradles the crop deep into the bulk trailer. It also comes complete with a super-silent onboard generator, which provides power efficiency for in-field cleaning or can be bypassed for mains power when operating on-farm. Contact Tong Engineering at www.tongengineering.com. 10 POTATO GROWER | DECEMBER 2018

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