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January 2013

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Aluminium Foil Bubble Insulation Breather-Foıl Breather-Foıl re herInsulating Fire Retardant Breather Membrane Fire Retardant Breather Multi-layer Insulation Blanket Insulation for use in Roofs & Walls Easi-Close Insulated Cavity Closer Cavi-Mate Fire Rated Window Former/Locator & Cavity Closer Fire Therma Therma-Close rma-Close m General Purpose Insulated Cavity Closer SuperQuilt is perfectly suited to installation in new build or renovation Therma-Close Therma-Close rm TYPE-R Rigid General Purpose Cavity Closer System is the best multi-foil solution on the market. Cleaner, Greener, Cleaner, Greener, Safer L r r Loft Insulation Unique Technology Technology e 19 Layers Thermally the best performing Our unique patented technology allows the material to expand where necesary, increasing overall thermal performance. 19 layers of material including Thermally the best performing multi-foil on the market by far. r ethylene & Polyester Wadding. Roof: 2.50m2 www.enquire.to/spec - ENQUIRY 196 Wall: 2.44m2K/W Wall: SuperQuilt is Eq quivalent to 200mm of Glass Wo in a two layer Roof Application ool Find out more about our full range more of products online @ www.ybsinsulation.com products www.ybsinsulation.com RD850111 Insulation Insulation Crags Industrial Park, Morven Street, Creswell, Derbyshire, S80 4AJ Tel: 0844 99 100 44 Fax: 0844 99 100 55 e E-Mail: sales@ybsinsulation.com Web: www.ybsinsulation.com 194186

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