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FASHION 22 Issue 47 / 2013 DIRTY VELVETS CLOTHING FOR GENTLEMEN REBELS DESIGNER OF In a world full of uninspired and mass produced t-shirts, one company have taken the reigns with their strong graphics and thought provoking imagery. Something as simple as a t-shirt can project your personality more than any other fashion item or accessory. Dirty Velvet, founded in 2006, are at the forefront of cutting edge design and imagery. Drawing influence from, and satirizing many, subjects including politics, war, gender, money, power, advertising and religion to name only a few, there is most definitely something for everyone. Their 'slightly twisted perspective of the world' T-shirts have been worn by a number of famous folk including comedians Russell Howard, Tim Minchin and James Corden. With bands including InMe, The Ting Tings and Razorlight also rocking Dirty Velvet swag, it would appear this company can do no wrong. Unlike most companies who are ethically questionable, Dirty Velvet have been very careful in producing items that have a minimal impact on the environment. All of their T-shirts are produced in Turkey using 100% organic cotton that's grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers and use methods that are ecologically and socially sustainable. Now being sold in independent clothing retailers across the UK and Europe, including London based store Joy, Dirty Velvet are expanding their reach worldwide into the US and Australia. With plans on the table to expand into Heavyweight clothing and talk of a girls range, it would seem that Dirty Velvet are going from strength to strength. For more information check out DOPE COUTURE With artists such as Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco and Wiz Khalifa all rocking their gear these guys are completely smashing it right now. We had a chat with Matt Fields the owner and director, to get the latest on the The Bougie Crew, their history and FUCK HUMBLE the exciting new collaboration with rapper King Chip. What is the philosophy behind the brand? The DOPE brand represents the fusion of streetwear and luxury fashion. The philosophy is that, through the brand, everyone can experience a piece of what high fashion has to offer. When we create a garment inspired by Slimane, Emilio Pucci, Lagerfeld, or Decarnin, we are making a piece of that lifestyle more affordable. Everybody cannot afford £1000 jackets. You opened your first boutique back in 2009 in Bloomington, Indiana. How has the journey of Dope been for you since then? The home of DOPE is Los Angeles, California. The majority of my team moved out here with me from the midwest. Things have definitely Born i Califo of stre changed since the first boutique in Btown, but the people that impacted the brand still mess with us, show us love and support, and we are grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to grow like we have. You got big artists such as Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Ink and Jay Z all rocking your gear. Did you ever imagine such artists wearing your garms?! No, this is definitely one of those blessings that I was talking about. It was somewhat expected because I was lucky enough to have Lupe wearing my clothes in my second season, which was amazing, but it didn't stop there. I think I was most shocked to see Jay Z wearing my clothes before I even graduated college. Granted, I took 5 years to graduate haha. Regardless, it was still amazing and seemed like everything came full circle since he was part of my original inspiration to start a streetwear brand. What made you want to get into fashion and streetwear? I saw Jay Z rocking a streetwear tee, and since then, I've been hooked.

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