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TRAVEL 25 7 Issue 47 / 2013 TOP 5 REASONS TO VISIT: THAILAND Planning a budget trip this summer? Want fun, relaxation, and exuberance? Heat Escape from the drab weather of the U.K to absolutely delightful warm weather. Warm, salty seas to soak your stiffened body in need of a detox. Relax on the luxuriously untainted beaches, stroll along the white sand wearing only a sarong and sip wine in the many open plan terrace cafes. Incredible Nightlife Food Sometimes some very strange dishes may be found, interesting fruits and obscure sea creatures. The Thais are wizards at doing seafood dishes, naturally, being surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. You may choose your own freshly caught fish, as well as very simple soups and salads. Delicious curries and sauces include a Kaeng Phet Pet Yang which is roast duck in red curry. If you are extremely blown away by the cuisine, you could take a cooking course and learn some of the native dishes. Outdoor Sports You'll be spoilt for choice with the vast selection of challenging pursuits. Hire motorbikes and speed to the top of some incredible viewpoints where you may never dream of wandering, take a diving course, and you'll certainly not find one cheaper than the prestigious course in Ko Tao, go climbing in Ko Phi Phi or Railay Beach with a group of manic Thai scalers or escape the hustle and bustle and retreat to a spiritual cabin and do some very special Thai yoga. Dance away your sunburn at the many beach parties with fire displays and buckets of delightful booze. Take part in beer downing competitions where you'll puke up any excess calorie intake, and compete against every nationality under the sun. Music from drum and bass to conventional chart superstars, and the Thais seem to never miss a chance to throttle your eardrums with music from the 90's such as The Vengaboys. Freedom The great thing about travelling around the Thai islands is that you will never get bored! There are so many to choose from that as soon as the novelty for one of them wanes, or you just can't shake off that Yank, it is very easy to hop on a boat and move along to the next equally beautiful, sandy nirvana. As well as this, it is great to incorporate a longer trip to see Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and even continue your journey southwards from Asia towards Australasia.

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