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HOUSE / TECHNO 31 7 Issue 47 / 2013 IEW RV TE IN APOLLINA Ahead of their gig at Fabric next month we caught up with the French trio from Paris Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky. Launched as a DJ trio and label imprint last year, they have already headlined at DC10 Ibiza, Panorama Bar, BPM festival, and have just undertaken a South America tour. Their label also boasts releases from Ghenacia, Chris Carrier and Hector Morales. playing back to back to back together. Laura Vila | When did you guys decide to come together and do a joint project? Shonky: We decided when Dan lost Freak n' Chic that we wanted to get a new platform, this was the right time to join forces together. Dan: After the death of Freak n' Chic I definitely wanted to come back with a new label and new concept and the concept was already there... Ten years of friendship with Dyed and Shonky, I couldn't ask anybody else to be partnership with me on this new adventure. How did the label name come about ? Dan: The whole concept around Apollonia is that we are all massive fans of Prince and Apollonia is the girlfriend of Prince. In the movie Purple Rain, she is the one who offered him the famous white guitar. But to go deeper in the concept, Prince invented what he called the Minneapolis sound, which is a mixture of white soul and black music, and this is what we try to do with Apollonia. All three of you have very busy schedules, can you talk us through how you run the label? Shonky: It's a team thing, What projects have you got in the pipeline for the label? Dyed: Just now we are releasing the new EP from Dan Trax On Da Road, a re-press of one of our favourite classic tracks 'Underwater' from Point doing something that makes me connected to something, you know. Dan: I would probably work in contemporary art. Dyed: I would probably be a dancer. What forthcoming plans have you got for label would you call it? Shonky: Shonkyhouse... I'm joking, I don't know. Dyed: Caribbean House! Dan: Dance music What advice can you give to up and coming producers? "To go deeper in the concept, Prince invented what he called the What is the concept for Apollonia? Shonky: Releasing quality music for the label and G (AKA DJ Gregory). It's one of those records that hasn't left my bag for years but the vinyl is now very hard to find. The re-press on Apollonia will give fans the rare chance to get their hands on it album of Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez, plus lots more. If you all had to work together in another industry besides music what would it be? Shonky: Art, painting, my dad is really into painting and really interested in art. I would need to be tours and sessions? your b2b We have many dates coming up; dates at Fabric and Panorama Bar, Berlin.. Shonky: Trust yourself, do the music you feel and you like, work a lot and be patient and take risks. Dyed: Stay yourself. true Dyed: In five years, I would hope exactly what I am doing now. Dan: Actually I am really happy with the moment we have. If all of you were banished to a desert island and had to each take 3 famous people with you, who would they be and why would you take them? Minneapolis sound, which is a mixture of white soul and black music, and this is what we try to do with Apollonia" we take all the decisions together and we have one person working as the label manager, everything is because we have this person. Everything takes time in the first year, to find the right artwork etc, but now it is running great and we are focused on the music. The label manager is running the day to day and we have to say the final word and listen to music. fun with my friends, makes me feel good. So, hopefully be in the same position, doing what I know with my friends. to All dates are here: Dan: Stay true to yourself. February 1st: Apollonia at Gipsy, Moscow, February 2nd: Apollonia at Face, Birmingham, February 10th: Apollonia at Panorama Bar, Berlin,February 23rd: Apollonia at Fabric, London If all of you had to make a new music genre what All being well, skip forward five years, where would you like things to be? Shonky: In five years, I hope playing Apollonia with my friends as much as possible. I really enjoy my life at the moment, I am more about having Shonky: I would probably take one person that is useful, a guy with a lot of humour, but to give a famous name, Jerry Lee Lewis - someone super funny. Then I would take someone with an amazing voice who can sing to me whenever I feel like it. And Bruce Willis, so he can protect me if anything happens to me. Dan and Dyed: What he said! The guys will be playing at Fabric on 23rd February, for info check out

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