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DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 41 7 Issue 47 / 2013 ARTIST OF THE MONTH: NU: TONE FEINT Brother of Logistics, known on the d&b scene as a man with effortless talent and limitless potential; Nu:Tone is your go to producer for smooth beats with that little extra something. Born in 1976, Dan Gresham is currently signed to the legendary drum and bass label Hospital Records unsurprisingly. From the fresh age of 8 Dan was experimenting and playing on the piano, eventually joining the Jesus college Choir in Cambridge a year later. His relationship with the genre came about whilst Dan was studying music at Durham University where Tone was running a radio show with a young John B. Gaining a taste and a newfound hungry for Drum and Bass Dan released more material over the next two years under different labels, continuing to develop his musical style which consists of that ever-present groovy bassline and cheery melodies. In 2003 Dan had a lightbulb moment - He set up BrandNu Recordings as an outlet for collaborations with other artists and also to promote those lesser known to the scene, demonstrating a real passion and genuine desire to see the genre develop and grow. This guy has worked hard to achieve the status he is enjoying at the moment and produces a unique, uplifting atmosphere with the use of melodic harmony accompanied by quality drum and bass beats and female vocals. Andy Isaac H from Clitheroe in Manchester is the latest hotshot on the Drum and Bass scene, he has been generating a lot of deserved hype with singles such as Times Like These and Paradise Lost, as well as working with female vocalist Veela on other tracks. Give this guy a listen on soundcloud or youtube and we promise you'll be feeling good within the first minute. Andy's first official release was in 2011 where he first started gaining notoriety with his debut EP simply titled Feint EP 1 on the label Dirt, Lies & Audio Black. The sequel to Feint EP 1 simply titled Feint EP 2 was subsequently released a month later. Following the success of that record he followed up with his third EP titled Clockwork Hearts on Subsphere Records. and helped developed his so-far small but renowned discography. Currently Feint is releasing tracks for DNBR Records and continues to impress Drum and Bass enthusiasts with his liquid style. We look forward to hearing more euphoric tunes from this rising star. JANUARY RELEASES DJ HAZARD PRESENTS THE RADIUS DJ Hazard HOSPITALITY D&B 2013 Hospitality Records SHOWCASING THE BEST Critical X BURIAL Truant WILKINSON Need To Know MR BOOGIE Dark Horizon / Blotter Paper CRITICAL MUSIC HDB069 RAM RECORDS SIN CITY RECORDINGS YOUNGSTA Destruction / Poseidon ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Mind Control RETROSPECT VOLUME 3 Bryan Gee SURVIVAL & SILENT WITNESS In From The Wild TEMPA V RECORDINGS V RECORDINGS DISPATCH RECORDINGSV RADIUS RECORDINGS STINKABELL Something In Your Eyes / GTS SIN CITY RECORDINGS BEN UFO Fabriclive.67

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