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43 DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP IN TE RV IEW Issue 47 / 2013 CRISSY CRISS Raised by Step Dad jungle legend 'Kenny Ken' drum and bass is in his heart and runs in his blood. Always keeping himself busy he heads up his own weekly show on BBC Radio 1xtra, puts on his club night 'Crissy Criss & Friends' produces music and DJs all over the world. Jenny Allbrook | You seem to have the craziest tour schedule I have ever seen, how do you manage it all? Plenty of sleep when I can get it! You've always had music in your blood. How does it feel to be an ambassador of something you love? It's hard to explain actually. It's like an honour in a way, but I don't know if I was put on this earth to do this, but it's what I love and obviously my step dad (Kenny Ken) has been in music for a long time so it has had an influence on me. Your nights 'Crissy Criss & Friends', they are a huge success, I remember I was in the crowd at Proud2 and there was a bit of stage invasion. I won't say if I was a part of it though! What kind of vibes do you like to give to your nights? That sort of vibe! That's the "Get off the stage" sort of vibe. Nah that gig at Proud2 was really cool, I didn't expect it at all. We actually started that night in the second room and within an hour we had to move to the main room, it was absolutely jammed. I wasn't expecting that to happen, but it did. I chose the lineup everyone was playing something a little every week which is hilarious, we find new little things every week and different ideas to make the show just amazing, it's absolutely crazy. I mean four hours, it's a really long time but for me it goes so quick! So I love doing the show I think it's just part of me, I don't get to talk to a lot of people in the week so I think that's my time to open my mouth. It really is just to split the genres in a half, I've been places where people are coming to a gig to hear me play dubstep and vice versa and it's annoying but I don't want to let people down for what they want to hear. Because for me in my heart I wanna play drum and bass, I also ove dubstep aswell but I thought from now on I'm going kick off with a new name " The show is four hours long so I try to cover everything from being as stupid as I can to playing the most upfront music there is." bit different, totally party vibes. Everyone was just loving the vibe. You have drum & bass show every week on Radio 1xtra, how do you find that? Great, I think I just be me and I try to bring a lot of things that people don't do on a radio show. The show is four hours long so I try to cover everything from being as stupid as I can to playing the most upfront music there is. Obviously we got the little sketch from High Rankin You ring people a lot too? Yeah I do, I rung the kebab shop the other day and ordered myself a kebab while on the show! Why not? Yeah I was hungry! You're taking a new direction in dubstep under a new name DeadExit. How did this come about ? DeadExit with two of my other really good friends who DJ and are in production as well, and bring it together. You've got a new release drum&bass on Technique who's coming soon ? Well I'm working on it right now I've got so many tracks I am always working on making beats when I'm flying on plane, trains even in cars. So hopefully, I'm looking about maybe January or February to come out with an EP, I've got a lot a free stuff to get away as well. People love free stuff and I predicting the other day with someone that in the next 10 years music will probably end up being free. I've got a lot DeadExit stuff lined up too and lots of Crissy Criss stuff, it just needs a bit of mastering but they're ready! With all this travelling, what's the weirdest thing you've ever done in an airport or at train station because you must do something to pass the time? Sleep on the floor, especially on these budget airlines am not saying any names! If you could fill a swimming pool with absolutely anything and get in it, what it would it be? I would probably fill it with Cadbury's chocolate animals, they're my favorite. I would just jump in, eat everything and get back out! Check out www.crissycriss. or follow @CrissyCriss

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